Moult-Watch: the first set of relevant image results are in

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For those who came in late:
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The first full set of relevant image search results are in – and the surprise leader is Live Search!

I must admit to being just a bit impressed. The performance is surprisingly early (and relevant) for this particular search engine:

1st is an image of Julie herself (including her status as an idiot) that comes to us via Jim Barter, 2nd is a picture of the big, mean bully who started this (Live is not fooled by this image being hosted by another website) and the 3rd result is the contribution of the artist whose work the Daily mail ripped off!

Meanwhile, Yahoo offers nothing of relevance, and Google is still poking around, mainly because a quirk of design allows users of that site to change their sigs so they update for every entry ever made all the back to the dawn of Teh Internets (almost); the only relevant results to stray onto the front page at Google have been the original ’50ft Blears’ image by Beau Bo D’Or image (via this post at The Daily Quail) and a classic belm from

I realise that initially I promised “a prize… for the best relevant performance in Google Images” but I think this set deserves recognition as well, especially as it’s the first relevant one.

So the first prize from the shelf goes to Jim Barter.

Congratulations, Jim!

I’ll be posting a numbered list of all the goodies and doing a random draw later.

Cheers all.

[Psst! It appears that Julie Moult hasn’t filed a single story since this post went live. And you’re welcome.]

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