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Posted by Tim Ireland at 17 October 2008

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The Age – McCain goes for jugular, but misses

(The jugular? What an amateur. The pros go for a carotid artery and let the heart do the rest of the work.)

Getting away from this picture (heh) and back to the substance (almost*); during the debate itself, and even for almost a day afterwards, bloggers and other users of Teh Internets knew more about the reality behind the invention ‘Joe’ the ‘plumber’ than those relying on Old Media. Why? Here’s a clue.

(*’Joe’ the ‘plumber’ was mentioned dozens of times during the debate… while Iraq was mentioned once.)
(h/t #1) (h/t #2)


  1. julian bond says

    I missed the start of this story. But with all the talk about Weathermen and Gordon Liddy, I assumed it was a reference to the Watergate Plumbers. I guess I must have been sucked through some weird timewarp back to 1972. But then McCain seems to have the same problem.

  2. Manic says

    Heh. Fair dues to the guy, but every time he drags his POW-cred out, I can't help thinking of (a) the Republican-funded Swift Boaters who dragged Kerry through the mud in '04 and (b) Principal Skinner:"The year was 1968. We were on recon in a steaming Mekong delta. An overheated private removed his flack jacket, revealing a T-shirt with an iron-on sporting the MAD slogan 'Up with Mini-skirts!'. Well, we all had a good laugh, even though I didn't quite understand it. But our momentary lapse of concentration allowed 'Charlie' to get the drop on us. I spent the next three years in a POW camp, forced to subsist on a thin stew made of fish, vegetables, prawns, coconut milk, and four kinds of rice. I came close to madness trying to find it here in the States, but they just can't get the spices right!" – Seymour Skinner (The Simpsons: Team Homer)Links:

  3. D-Notice says

    "(The jugular? What an amateur. The pros go for a carotid artery and let the heart do the rest of the work.)"You need to stop giving people helpful hints such as this…

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