Go-go Hover-McCain!

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Here’s a lovely background for Republican voters. Enjoy!

In other news (aren’t you glad that you looked down here?), now there are two items that Iain Dale would like to avoid discussing on his website, and all of a sudden up go the ramparts.

You’ll notice that he doesn’t consider for one moment the simple measure of comment registration; this would allow people to comment anonymously, but greatly reduce his capacity to hide behind anonymous abuse (that he may or may not be posting himself).

(Note – It’s not all about me; there’s another debate that Iain would rather avoid having, which could very well be the main reason why he is declaring the introduction of pre-publication comment vetting in order to ‘enable’ debate. Well, one side of it, anyway.)

[UPDATE (22 Oct) – Unity – Abortion Rights: A delay not a setback: Iain Dale seems to think that the government’s backsliding, this week, amounts to a victory for Frank Field and Nadine Dorries – its actually nothing of the sort and, as I see it, only delays the day of reckoning that’s to come. (more)]

(Note #2 – Iain also appeared to be getting some flak for publishing this ‘let him have it’ shot at Mandelson yesterday while failing to mention the not-at-all-connected Osborne story, even though most days he’ll chase any ambulance within a 5 mile radius. Bit of a perfect storm going on, then. And it makes his subsequent moan about anonymous ‘abuse’ – see: criticism – even funnier given that he went begging for actual abuse when it suited him.)

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