Ted Stevens

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I am here to save you a needless tube journey:

Yes, that Ted Stevens.

YouTube – DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix: “A Series of Tubes”

Time – Can Ted Stevens Still Win Alaska?: Stevens, 84, was found guilty Monday on seven felony counts for failing to report $250,000 in improper gifts he received from Bill Allen, the disgraced executive of an oil services company.

FiveThirtyEight – Senate Projections, Baked Alaska Edition: Our projection models are designed to be fairly dynamic — but you don’t usually have the circumstance wherein a sitting senator gets convicted on seven felony counts (appeal pending!) eight days before an election. So, a little bit of creativity is going to be required…

Rolling Stone – The Sarah and Ted Show: Under the old rules, Stevens’ corruption scandal could well have blown over as a parochial scandal of the great, oily North. But since picking Palin, McCain & Co. have staked out Alaska as the living, beating heart of American authenticity.

WSJ Blogs – McCain Calls on Sen. Stevens to Resign, Palin Does Not: His running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, has not called on her home state colleague to resign. While the statement released by the campaign today had the McCain-Palin logo on it, it was a statement only from the Arizona senator.

And, finally, before you even start trying to think of a witty headline, take a look at the quip on Fark that made me give up before I even started:

“Prison; it’s not like a big building, it’s more like a series of cubes.”

If there’s anyone on the planet who would like to try following that, please be my guest.

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