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Posted by Tim Ireland at 21 November 2008

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Friday, November 21st, 2008
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1. Do you already have a CiF/Guardian account*?
2. Do you think the use of sock-puppetry is pathetic, dishonest and/or damaging?

Then please, if you have a moment, read this article and then check in under comments to let Andrew Gilligan know that it’s not just “anti-Boris forces” wanting an answer to this question:

Do you deny leaving comments underneath your own articles and articles about you, whilst pretending to be a third person?

You know I don’t do this kind of call-out often, so take the time and chip in if you can, please.


(*I ask because newcomers arriving within a conversation like this run the risk of being dismissed as a sock-puppet by a total soft-cock who is trying to divert attention away from his own sock-puppetry.)

UPDATE – Oops… I swore! I am losing my patience. Please forgive the lapse, and try not to swear in the CiF thread; swear-words are a gift to people who wish to portray a serious allegation as mindless abuse.


  1. Professor Paul says

    I'm there.I even started a Guardian account & I never read it!

  2. Manic says

    Thank you, Prof… but I did ask that we keep this to people who already have CiF accounts.This isn't a reflection on you or anyone else wishing to speak up in CiF for the first time, but instead on tossers like Gilligan and our old friend Dale.This particular online conversation runs with a high risk of Gilligan screaming "Look out! Behind you!" and scuttling into the night, and freshly-created profiles are suspect enough to be easy diversions.

  3. Justin says

    I'm in.

  4. Tom says

    I horned in and asked the question before reading this. How's that for simultaneous evolution?Mind you, I was having a go at 'kennite' before anyone had even linked 'him' to Gilligan's activities. I remember when this was all fields, too.

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