But he’s got you, dear boy…

Posted by Tim Ireland at 25 November 2008

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Boris Watch has spotted it, and it slipped under the Guardian’s radar at the time, but I’d like to highlight this for regulars at Bloggerheads as a warm-up of sorts.

This is a comment left on the Guardian’s website using the ‘kennite’ account. In other words, it is a comment made by Andrew Gilligan or his mysterious life/business/tennis partner (background).

I invite you to watch ‘kennite’ and marvel at the sheer gall of it all as he belittles Ken Livingstone (author of the article) and Brian Paddick (‘BrianforMayor’):


Mar 23 08, 10:12pm

I’ve never seen this before: an incumbent Mayor, and two of the other candidates, posting on a talkboard. On a public holiday, too. Could they, perhaps, be desperate? Interesting to see that Boris doesn’t feel the need to post.

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(rolls eyes)

Because what ‘kennite’ was doing – even if he is a ‘partner’ of Gilligan’s and not an invention of Gilligan’s – wasn’t at all pathetic or desperate, was it?

Oh, I’m going to enjoy this…

(prepares stick)

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  1. Tom says

    What's interesting about that comment is that it shows Gilligan not just attacking Livingstone but actively promoting Boris, which I suspect he was careful *not* to do in his published journalism.The question underlying all of this is – did Gilligan start all this as part of a personal vendetta against Labour (and was then mercilessly ridden by any Tory who wanted to push a line) or is he actually a fellow traveller with the Policy Exchange right wing?There's evidence both ways – on the one hand no PXers appear to have jumped to his defence, but on the other the online and offline tactics employed have more than a whiff of Cold-War style disinformation, if not downright Rovian swiftboating*, and we know where people like Dean Godson (and, lest one forget, Paul Staines) got their grounding. Tom Griffin noticed that, too – I remember he was amused that all this intense effort was being made over bus design.* Where was Livingstone's advantage strongest? Transport. Where did PX/Gilligan get most involved? Transport. Compare the activities around the Kerry/Bush war records.

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