Let’s not forget that Andrew Gilligan has some questions to answer

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
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Michael White earns a golf clap for his jest and this mention of it in Gilligan’s own paper:

Evening Standard – Footnote for banking: Private Eye editor Ian Hislop presented the 4th annual Paul Foot award last night for investigative journalism… Oddly Guardian assistant editor Michael White appeared to be wearing the name tag of my colleague Andrew Gilligan, who was shortlisted for the award.

The Tory Troll has a round up of further print-based teasing here, but unless Gilligan is properly nailed for this, he will keep doing it and his old-media mates will be further tempted to try it for themselves.

Think of it in terms of garden maintenance; it’s unrealistic to expect the eradication of nettles and bindweed, but we all know what happens if we don’t hack it back from time to time.

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