The many puppets (or ‘partners’) of Andrew Gilligan

Posted by Tim Ireland at 20 November 2008

Category: Old Media

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Thursday, November 20th, 2008
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The Tory Troll brings us more on Andrew Gilligan the spontaneous outbreaks of text commonality that occur around him.

Here’s the question that Andrew Gilligan refuses to answer:

Do you deny leaving comments underneath your own articles and articles about you, whilst pretending to be a third person?

Instead, Gilligan appears to be operating from the Iain Dale playbook:

a) rubbish your accusers while neatly sidestepping the main accusation(s)

b) if there’s a minor accusation that you can refute, refute it *vehemently* (if you do this loudly enough, most people will mistake it for a response to the primary accusation and move on)

c) if they’re not satisfied with this response and pursue the matter further, scream “Stalker!”

It’s a c**t’s game and I grow thoroughly sick of it.


  1. Justin says

    'Gilligan appears to be operating from the Iain Dale playbook'*Appears* to be? Don't be coy, Tim. It's the Dale strategy to the last detail. Dale's a 'leading' blogger indeed.Christ knows what things are going to look like in the run up to the next election. The message has been sent that sock-puppeting works and you can get away with it. Would you bet on Gilligan losing his job?

  2. Manic says

    "The message has been sent that sock-puppeting works and you can get away with it."Perhaps this is some of the 'best practice' stuff that Iain passes on to MPs wishing to benefit from his wealth of experience:…After all, he taught Nadine Dorries everything she knows about blogging.(No, I don't expect Gilligan to be sacked for any obvious attempt to deceive his readers. That would be silly… and this would be sarcasm.)

  3. Tom says

    "Would you bet on Gilligan losing his job?"If the Standard folds, yes. This will, of course, be a victory for Rupert Murdoch, amongst others, but sometimes you can't pick your friends.BTW –…One welcome consequence of de-sockpuppeting Mr. Gilligan is that he's shut up about bendy buses for now, leaving the field free for the sane.

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