April Fools’ Day: spot the difference

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The foundation on which Iain’s joke rested…

He’s really a very good writer, because he had 90,000* visitors a month (he claims) and he’s on the telly a bit. And at least he’s not as impolite and as grossly overweight as Derek Draper. Oh, and these are the qualities that make him deserving of comparison to George Orwell:
Iain Dale – Why I Can’t Accept the Orwell Prize”

The foundation on which our joke rested…

We’re not lying comment cheats like Iain Dale and his followers, and we’re quite confident that (almost**) everybody knows that:
Justin McKeating – CLASH OF THE TITANS: Bloggerheads vs Chicken Yoghurt, Drunk vs Sober
Justin McKeating – Tim Ireland and Iain Dale: time to knock it on the head
Tim Ireland – Justin McKeating is a sock-puppeting git
Justin McKeating – Me and Tim Ireland: time to come clean

(*Psst! Iain! Not every visit is a vote for you.)

(**Well, I say ‘almost’, but Iain’s most faithful readers don’t really count, because they receive – and trust – the carefully edited version of reality. Also, Iain repeatedly publishes false accusations of sock-puppeting about people when they can’t deny it because he’s banned them for complaining about abusive sock-puppeting on his site.)

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