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Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed.

Hi folks. Bit of an extraordinary post, this one. Apologies for bending your ear. After a rotten 18+ months facing some quite extraordinary harassment from a range of Conservative-aligned dastards and assorted supporting fruit-loops, I face one of my greatest … Continue reading

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Zac Goldsmith, Anne Milton and the 50:50 split

Let’s begin with this segment of the interview between Jon Snow and Zac ‘Comedy’ Goldsmith: Jon Snow: Why is a poster that has your face and your name on then paid for by local councillors who are fighting the council … Continue reading

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Zac Goldsmith, Jemima Khan, and the deleted tweets

Last Friday, on July 16, Zac Goldsmith appeared on Channel 4 news in a spectacular car-crash of an interview with Jon Snow. If you’ve not watched it yet, I highly recommend that you do, not least because watching this and … Continue reading

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Patrick Mercer: for the love of…

Before early 2009, the Conservative MP Patrick Mercer enjoyed a partnership with Glen Jenvey (aka Richard Tims) and Dominic Wightman (aka Dominic Whiteman, aka Richard Walker) that appeared to make a positive contribution in the struggle against extremism/terrorism, and earned … Continue reading

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Top 10 Biggest Liars in British Blogging Poll – 2010

In honour of Iain Dale’s repeated attempts to have his slightly-less-rigged blog-poll taken seriously (see also: Top 100 Worst Blogs Poll) I’ve decided to conduct a poll of my own based on my own interests… i.e. exposing liars and watching … Continue reading

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Expenses: fancy a little data entry?

The delightful Ms Humphrey Cushion spotted some fresh expenses data released on July 8, 2010. There’s no master page for it that I can find, sorry, but if you visit this page and click on most MP’s names, it should … Continue reading

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GayTV: Richard Desmond loves cock (for cash)

Front pages reach an audience beyond a newspaper’s readership, and every editor knows this. Therefore, the impact of this stunning bigotry and ignorance should not be underestimated and certainly shouldn’t be ignored: Daily Express – NOW ASYLUM IF YOU’RE GAY: … Continue reading

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Wrigley’s gum – the clean fresh taste of [insert your name here]

I was slumming it in the YouTubes recently when I happened across a 1986 ad for Wrigley’s chewing gum that seemed very familiar and yet entirely different. The following collection of clips should explain my confuzzlement: Wrigley’s gum – the … Continue reading

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Operation ‘Cloaca’

[Please note that this post contains uncensored profanity.] I would like you to consider choosing (and using) the word ‘cloaca’ ahead/instead of ‘cunt’ in your written communications on the internets and in the Twitters. I will begin by outlining the … Continue reading

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