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Elin Krantz: murder and ‘slut shaming’ as propaganda against minorities, Sweden & the EU

Some readers may be here because they have been asked to read and share this important information and help drive it to the top search results for the name ‘Elin Krantz’. Hello and welcome, do use this link to help … Continue reading

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How to Build a ‘Spider Web’ Obstacle Course with String and Jingle Bells.

As many of you know, I volunteer as a Scout Leader, and as most of you suspect, I pride myself on bringing new ideas to the role. I’ve held back on showing off some of my niftier ideas for far … Continue reading

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Jonathan Lord and the Conservatives’ Code of Conduct

In 2006/7, when managing campaigns for Anne Milton and the Tories in Guildford, Jonathan Lord was made aware of two of his own candidates (Mike Chambers and Dennis Paul) involving themselves in false allegations of paedophilia and child rape against … Continue reading

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BAD SEO: eSales Hub faking local relevance (transcript and updates)

I’m blogging about SEO for the first time in a long time, and yes, seeing as you ask, I do happen to be wearing my old arse-kicking boots today, thank you for noticing. There were so many screen captures involved … Continue reading

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Page 3: the book… at last!

Long-time readers of this blog will be familiar with my regular articles back in the day about the 2003 reinvention of Page 3 as a ‘political platform’ under that famously law-abiding editor, Rebekah Wade/Brooks. Well, recently, I decided to finally … Continue reading

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Analysis of @UKLabour/@Conservatives Twitter output during #GE2017

(EARLIER: Word Clouds for Labour/Conservative party Twitter accounts during #GE2017) I write about politics and corruption and what have you, but when I’m not wearing my cape, I also do data analysis on keyword search data for SEO purposes and … Continue reading

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Plan your vote… and get your pencils ready! #votingpencil

And lo, the Electoral Commission did convey their wisdom, saying unto the keepers of ballots: : 3.18 A ballot paper marked by means other than a pencil should not be rejected simply because of that. : source: It is … Continue reading

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Word Clouds for Labour/Conservative party Twitter accounts during #GE2017

I thought it would be interesting to have a summary of what the major parties are saying on Twitter during #GE2017, so here’s what I did: For both @Conservatives and @UKLabour, I took all tweets & replies from every day … Continue reading

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Cam Harris, the Fake News king of Maryland

If you’ve ever watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, you may have wondered how Ferris financed his adventure (including fuel, tips, tickets to the baseball game and a very expensive lunch at a posh restaurant). Well, the original script and cut … Continue reading

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Who censored David Davies’ Wikipedia profile anonymously?

[24 April 2017 – Someone’s still at it. See full update at end of post.] You may recall David Davies being in the news a few weeks back. Then again, you may not, and given the reason why he was … Continue reading

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