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Iain Dale takes me on and then thinks better of it

The following exchange was published under this post on Iain Dale’s website this morning and then deleted in its entirety within the past hour. Comment moderation has been switched back on, as it usually is when Iain would rather avoid … Continue reading

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Two quickies

Shhh! I’m busy writing (as opposed to recycling stealing other people’s ideas and begging my readers to do most of the remaining work for me). I have two quick items for you: Garry Smith has a new home. The Society … Continue reading

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When the time comes, do me a favour…

… and tell it like it is (or, rather, was). The Chaser’s War on Everything: The Eulogy Song Video via B3ta. Some lyrics might be considered NSFW. Background on the song and some of the names is here if you … Continue reading

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Iain Dale: why his blog cannot be safely ignored

Yesterday, Iain Dale posted an image mocking the recent queue-jumping antics of MPs. The image had, originally, been posted by Kerron Cross. Iain gave no indication of this. [Note – Recess Monkey also used the image without initially crediting Kerron … Continue reading

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Fasthosts: I think I may be onto something here…

I was all revved up to do a charming, well-meaning post about the people at Fasthosts being in need of a pint this afternoon, so I checked out Google Maps to see where the nearest pub might be. I did … Continue reading

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Yet another reason to avoid Fasthosts like the plague

Via Dave Cross: The Register – Fasthosts customer? Change your password now: Fasthosts, “the UK’s number 1 web host”, has fired off emergency emails telling customers to change all their passwords after police were called in to investigate a major … Continue reading

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Rest in carefully manipulated pieces

Guardian/PA – Menezes image ‘dishonestly changed’: A composite image comparing Jean Charles de Menezes and Hussain Osman shown to a jury by lawyers for the Metropolitan Police was dishonestly manipulated, it has been claimed. The picture, containing half the face … Continue reading

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Finally, the BBC shows some balls…

The Great Architect – Wogan’s Woes Your ‘compare and contrast’ link is here: Media Watch Watch – ‘Bloody Cartoons’ shown on BBC2

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Fasthosts and UKreg: why you should look elsewhere

[Note – UKreg is part of the Fasthosts Internet group, which in turn is a subsidiary of United Internet AG.] If Fasthosts were a human being, I would have them rushed to the nearest hospital for observation; they appear to … Continue reading

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Makers of weak game defend themselves with weak threats

Media Watch Watch – Left Behind makers sue for bad reviews Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion – American Libel News: Left Behind Games Attacks Bloggers It’s a lovely story with a delicious punchline. Check it out. (PS – Bartholomew: welcome to … Continue reading

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