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Rest in carefully manipulated pieces

Guardian/PA – Menezes image ‘dishonestly changed’: A composite image comparing Jean Charles de Menezes and Hussain Osman shown to a jury by lawyers for the Metropolitan Police was dishonestly manipulated, it has been claimed. The picture, containing half the face … Continue reading

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Finally, the BBC shows some balls…

The Great Architect – Wogan’s Woes Your ‘compare and contrast’ link is here: Media Watch Watch – ‘Bloody Cartoons’ shown on BBC2

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Fasthosts and UKreg: why you should look elsewhere

[Note – UKreg is part of the Fasthosts Internet group, which in turn is a subsidiary of United Internet AG.] If Fasthosts were a human being, I would have them rushed to the nearest hospital for observation; they appear to … Continue reading

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Makers of weak game defend themselves with weak threats

Media Watch Watch – Left Behind makers sue for bad reviews Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion – American Libel News: Left Behind Games Attacks Bloggers It’s a lovely story with a delicious punchline. Check it out. (PS – Bartholomew: welcome to … Continue reading

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Arsenal Muse is a sock-puppeting liar

[Note – This is somewhat Usmanov-related, but as it relates primarily to the use of sock-puppets, I’m filing it here. Cheers all.] Recently, someone using the name ‘Trat Urug’ has been making comments on Craig Murray’s website. You can see … Continue reading

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The ‘war’ on Christmas comes earlier every year

The Sun – New laws pull plug on Xmas They wheel this tired old nonsense out every year… but they’re disturbingly early this year. See also: The Guardian – The phoney war on Christmas UPDATE – Hehehehehe. Snap.

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Usmanov oozing ‘charm’ again

This Sunday Times article has been fisked here. Do let me know if I’ve missed anything.

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Blair continues his belated fact-finding mission

Independent – Blair admits he is shocked by discrimination on the West Bank Funny… he seemed so sure of himself when making relevant policy in the past. Are we to take it from this that he did so without knowing … Continue reading

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Some of you may have missed the busy day over at the Alisher Usmanov blog yesterday. Go see.

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Iraqi employees: the new EDM and a fresh round of letters to MPs

Dan Hardie has requested that we each write a letter to our MP, and has provided some bullet-points here. I’m writing a letter and blogging it, and would urge you to do the same. Make sure that you push this … Continue reading

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