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Little boys in blogshorts

Man, that is a *lot* of effort for a little biscuit, when a simple post or email would have settled it, but I guess Paul Staines has seen better days and Phil “I have no reputation” Hendren is still busy … Continue reading

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Keywords: ‘brown’ and ‘bottle’

Gordon, you’re a fool and an arsehole. What made you think that we’d be in a mood to hold our breath over your election plans after months of holding our breath over Blair’s departure? Dickhead.

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(Online) poll-rigging in Guildford: council leader Andrew Hodges caught and not punished

Via Chris Paul, who covers this and the not-entirely-unrelated scrutiny of the civic car park sale: (Psst! If this is new to you, you can find the earlier post here.) Surrey Advertiser – Council chief clears authority of poll rigging: … Continue reading

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Somewhere, right now, a Tory is screaming “Witch hunt!”

Via Tom: Kevin Maguire – Cam’s big speech con: If David Cameron’s audition to be a cable TV daytime host was unscripted, a line swallowed by many newspapers and broadcasters, can anyone explain why the “speech writer” was last night … Continue reading

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How many MPs actually live in their constituency?

A big job goes begging…. A few Tories are up in arms over at Chicken Yoghurt, claiming that they’ve been misrepresented by Justin quoting them verbatim and linking to each and every source. The following thought occurred to me during … Continue reading

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A special treat for anyone who’s been on the receiving end of a “blogs can’t be trusted” cage-rattler from the MSM. Take a look and see how the big boys do it: Bloggerheads: The Alisher Usmanov Affair – Hooray for … Continue reading

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There are two major demonstrations this coming week..

… and attending one of them could lead to your arrest. Can you guess which? BURMA: GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION SATURDAY 6th OCTOBER 2007 Join us for a march and rally in solidarity with the monks and peaceful demonstrators in … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown and his mysterious movements

In the greatest show of cheek since adopting the word ‘change’ for a campaign slogan, the Conservatives are now laying into Gordon Brown for playing ‘dog-whistle’ politics; partisan/projection nonsense aside, this is all part of a growing impatience with Brown’s … Continue reading

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Debra Cagan: Why isn’t this everywhere in the UK? Did I a miss a meeting?

Well, I know I appear to have missed a whopper of a meeting in Washington, but you’ll get what I mean: (Prepare yourselves, darlings; you’ll simply love what she’s wearing… but I should point out that she wore it for … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown Down With Teh Kids: does anyone smell photoshopping?

Via Charlie, a heads-up about the image currently dominating the front page of the Labour website. The original can be downloaded here if you’d like to take a closer look. Me, I’m thinking that your average British arm has unique … Continue reading

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