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Take the blue pill

Shh! Researching and building for a quick video (coming *very* soon!) Have some of this (via)… Vanity Fair – Rorschach and Awe: I did not set out to discover how America got into the business of torturing detainees. I wasn’t … Continue reading

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We all scream for…

If, by this time next week, Gordon Brown is not willing or able to stand on his head and juggle ice cream, he needs to provide a bloody good reason why. (waits)

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OK, let’s have it

Times – Channel 4 in row over mosque film Transcripts, please. Raw footage. All I’m seeing on Channel 4 right now is Krishnan Guru-Murthy acting like Iain Dale. UPDATE – AHAHAHAHAHA! At the close, Krishnan made a point of mentioning … Continue reading

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Iraqi interpreters: the government responds in its own special way

I can’t possibly improve on Justin’s piece, but I would like to add that he’s spot-on about the strategic assault on support from the Daily Mail camp. To see how easy this is to undermine with a big, scary number, … Continue reading

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The 2005 Labour Party Campaign Return

Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for Clive, please… [applause] And now, a tense silence as we (finally) welcome to Teh Interwebs… a digital copy of the 2005 Labour Party Campaign return! [fanfare] This is version 1.0; it includes … Continue reading

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High Court: “Down with this sort of thing” (x2)

Independent – Joy for protesters as Heathrow is denied ‘mother of all injunctions’: Environmental campaigners seeking to stage a protest at Heathrow airport this summer claimed a huge and symbolic victory yesterday after a High Court judge massively scaled back … Continue reading

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Iraqi interpreters update

Dan has asked that bloggers supporting Iraqi interpreters publish any reply from their MP. I meant to update my previous post on this, but have slackening on the blogging front recently. Here’s that reply in full from my suddenly-quite-communicative MP … Continue reading

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Surrey foot and mouth outbreak

Animals on a farm in Elstead (for everyone else in the country, that’s ‘near Guildford’) have tested positive for foot and mouth disease. Elstead is about 6 miles from here… and please stop looking at me like that. UPDATE (11:42pm) … Continue reading

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Down with this sort of thing

Independent – Heathrow puts up legal barricades to keep away protesters: If you’re a member of the National Trust, the RSPB, the Woodland Trust or Friends of the Earth, then you could be banned from Britain’s biggest airport. And the … Continue reading

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