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Surrey foot and mouth outbreak

Animals on a farm in Elstead (for everyone else in the country, that’s ‘near Guildford’) have tested positive for foot and mouth disease. Elstead is about 6 miles from here… and please stop looking at me like that. UPDATE (11:42pm) … Continue reading

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Down with this sort of thing

Independent – Heathrow puts up legal barricades to keep away protesters: If you’re a member of the National Trust, the RSPB, the Woodland Trust or Friends of the Earth, then you could be banned from Britain’s biggest airport. And the … Continue reading

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Alastair Campbell update

Please check the relevant page for an important update as we come to the end of Alastair Campbell Can Go F**k Himself Fortnight.

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O… M… G…

(puts head in hands) Emap have just scored one hell of a two-fer… not only did they ask for permission and yet totally screw it up on one image, they also nicked another image without asking and printed a picture … Continue reading

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I told you I’d be keeping an eye on him…

Israel: Blair seeks new premises, asks neighbours to make nice

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The plight of the Iraqi interpreters

Things for you to do today: 1. Read this or this 2. Write a letter to your MP 3. Blog the text of your letter (if you have a blog). 4. Sign here, please. My letter email follows: Anne, First, … Continue reading

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The. Hamster. Is. Back.

Charge your coffee-cups, good people, and prepare to toast the return of CuriousHamster.

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Vocal impressionist(s) wanted

We’re on the lookout for a vocal impressionist (or two). Range will probably count for more than accuracy. See Colin for details.

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Another busy Monday

- Bloggerheads was brought down this morning… by flooding! Cheers, God. – This campaign to support Iraqi translators deserves your support, but my letter will have to wait until tomorrow. [Worth adding from Justin; It is best that those of … Continue reading

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