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Who wants it?

If I had the time, I’d look into this today. I’d want to see this video, know where it came from and get an independent translation of its contents. Any takers?

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The retaining wall

Independent – Two guilty of trying to leak details of Blair’s talks with Bush: Tony Blair’s ill-fated war with Iraq claimed two more victims yesterday when a civil servant and an MP’s researcher were convicted of disclosing details of a … Continue reading

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The ‘lone obsessive’ strikes again

Busy one today. You’ll have to ‘settle’ for three items of interest: Obsolete – The blogging counter-revolution Ministry of Truth – Freedom? What Freedom? Not Saussure – An interim announcement

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is now official…

Mike Chambers is a loser. Chris Ward, the victim of the smears Chambers was spreading via an anonymous weblog, beat him by a hefty margin. The Milky Bars are on me. (Psst! For those who missed it, check out Mike’s … Continue reading

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The result you’ve all been waiting for…

I bet you’re dying to know how Busharat fared: Lawrence Hill Vacant Seats: 1 Electorate: 8791 Ballot Papers: 2729 Spoilt Papers: 27 Turnout: 31.04% And the winner is…

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Worthy of comment

Iain Dale has no shame. UPDATE – Heh. I almost forgot that after the last time I linked to Comment Is Free and suggested that people (*gasp*) make a comment, the clever chap who sourced and sorted Iain Dale’s and … Continue reading

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What was I saying about last-minute smears?

Dennis Paul; subtle he is not.

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Goodbye, Tony

My Way (The Blair Version) I really should be thinking about a farewell gift myself, but this will do for now.

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Best. Sock-puppeting. Ever.

In defence of Busharat…. check it out (more here). The logic cannot be argued with. I’m busy watching this and a few other last-minute online publications as election day draws nearer.

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This is a first… ‘bloggers’ objecting to deeplinks

Over the past few months (see this category page if you’re new here) I’ve made a number of claims about ‘lead bloggers’ Iain Dale and Paul Staines here at Bloggerheads, at Guido 2.0 and, more recently, at Iain Dale’s Dairy. … Continue reading

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