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Bedfordshire on Sunday: indiscretion

You may have noticed some minor damage control going on this past week as the Conservatives took some limited measures to bring Nadine Dorries to heel while ignoring the wider problem of the smear campaign she has involved herself in. … Continue reading

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Jonathan Lord turned a blind eye

Let’s begin with a brand new and very special episode from Conservative Change Channel: CCC11-01: Jonathan Lord: ‘off the record’ I hope you enjoy a few laughs, but the guts of it is about as serious as it gets: What … Continue reading

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This one writes itself

Via @scotchtwit I discover there is a variety of potato (exhibitor grade) called the ‘Nadine': Potato ‘Nadine’ Exhibitor Grade (Solanum tuberosum) Exceptionally smooth skin with shallow eyes. Cream flesh has firm, moist waxy texture and does not discolour on cooking. … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries: Go Compare

[NOTE – Because I’m not a plagiarising prick like Paul Staines or Ian Hislop and I don’t take credit for other people’s work, I must begin with a BIG ‘thank you’ to Iain Marley for his excellent Excel work on … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries and Marketing Management Midlands Ltd

Below is a table of recent expenses claimed by Nadine Dorries for staffing classified as ‘Professional Services’. Previous to this, such claims have been reported as payments for “PR, research and media services” conducted by her close friend, Lynn Elson, … Continue reading

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Jonathan Lord (MP for Woking): Smears

This is an excerpt of a conversation I had with Jonathan Lord (Conservative MP for Woking ) in December 2010, in a chance meeting at a fundraiser for the children’s charity I volunteer for: Jonathan Lord – Excerpt #1 There … Continue reading

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To: Steve Hilton (an open letter)

Dear Steve, Being a long-standing member of the Conservative communications team (and currently a key member of the communications team for Prime Minister David Cameron) I would expect you to be well aware of the Conservative response to the half-baked … Continue reading

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Andy Coulson: innocent until proven guilty

[See also: Andy Coulson and Andy Hayman: Friends] Lately, we have been treated to the ‘earnest’ opinion of one Tory cloaca after another reminding us that Andy Coulson is innocent until proven guilty… as if there is no cause for … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries: Psalm 139, abortion, hatred and evil

Recently, Nadine Dorries took part in an interview with Ed West which was published in the Catholic Herald. A modest individual who has appropriated the identity of the historical figure Archbishop Cranmer complains here that this interview does not gain … Continue reading

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Housekeeping (an urgent appeal)

Hi folks. I expect to bring you some important updates today (Thursday 20 Jan), if not soon after that. I don’t want to say or even hint what the update concerns, as I do not wish to imply that the … Continue reading

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