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Andy Coulson and Andy Hayman: Friends

[UPDATE (27 Jan 2010) NEW POST –Andy Coulson: innocent until proven guilty] – To follow this recent post about John Lennon, and in response to the perfectly formed announcement of Andy Coulson’s complete and total innocence, I thought I would … Continue reading

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John Lennon: ‘friends’

Please join me as I mark the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death by observing the tabloid scum of the day feeding off his corpse: For those in any doubt, here are some revealing mentions of Short by the Beatles … Continue reading

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DayX: I sure hope Peter Ould doesn’t rape any children today

Rather than hide this is in the closing paragraph like tabloid scum, I wish to make it clear from the outset that I have seen no evidence even hinting that Peter Ould has raped a child. Of course, that’s not … Continue reading

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Total Politics spam from Exact Editions

FFS. Once again, I’ve been spammed about Total Politics. (Here’s an earlier effort; this one direct from Total Politics staff.) To: Webmaster From: Emma Bradfield Message: Hello Total Politics, the lifestyle magazine dedicated to all things political, is now … Continue reading

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Right, I’ve just run out of patience with Forsaken (in Taunton), the Christian, pro-life organisation cited by Nadine Dorries in the House of Commons as if they were an established ‘pro-women’ charity (more). Dorries accused me of harassing the good … Continue reading

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Stalking: what if Nadine Dorries can’t even prove she ever made a complaint?

Let me start by explaining the context of Nadine Dorries’ claims about stalking while (*gasp*) backing my position with evidence: Nadine Dorries made significant expenses claims on the basis that a property within her constituency was her second home, but … Continue reading

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Bonfire Camera III – 3 cameras above the fire

Guy Fawkes Night Bonfire Camera III (2010) – 3 cameras above the fire After a last year’s failure to get off the ground using helium, this year I sought to get above the fire using a (10 metre high) Clark … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries: the fiction saga continues

Nadine Dorries published an extraordinary attack on me on her not-really-a-blog last night, and followed this up by ignoring all criticism of it on Twitter (branding it “hate tweets from lefties and the odd misogynist on the right.”) and only … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries tells lies, digs hole, etc.

This article by David Allen Green that is very much about Nadine Dorries and what she told the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards has resulted in a string of remarkably similar comments underneath that article from an unknown number of people … Continue reading

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Rally4Sanity London: an important message

It is just past midday on 10.29.10 29.10.10. There are now less than 24 hours to go before midday on 10.30.10 30.10.10. That makes it impossible for anyone to apply for police permission to stage a London demonstration in favour … Continue reading

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