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Expenses: fancy a little data entry?

The delightful Ms Humphrey Cushion spotted some fresh expenses data released on July 8, 2010. There’s no master page for it that I can find, sorry, but if you visit this page and click on most MP’s names, it should … Continue reading

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GayTV: Richard Desmond loves cock (for cash)

Front pages reach an audience beyond a newspaper’s readership, and every editor knows this. Therefore, the impact of this stunning bigotry and ignorance should not be underestimated and certainly shouldn’t be ignored: Daily Express – NOW ASYLUM IF YOU’RE GAY: … Continue reading

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Wrigley’s gum – the clean fresh taste of [insert your name here]

I was slumming it in the YouTubes recently when I happened across a 1986 ad for Wrigley’s chewing gum that seemed very familiar and yet entirely different. The following collection of clips should explain my confuzzlement: Wrigley’s gum – the … Continue reading

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Operation ‘Cloaca’

[Please note that this post contains uncensored profanity.] I would like you to consider choosing (and using) the word ‘cloaca’ ahead/instead of ‘cunt’ in your written communications on the internets and in the Twitters. I will begin by outlining the … Continue reading

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Jeremy Hunt: when only the freshest information will do

[MINI-UPDATE (Sep 01) – Please scroll down for an important update. Jeremy Hunt has, as predicted, deleted his apology and every comment made in response, as if it never happened.] – Jeremy Hunt has recently suggested that hooliganism caused the … Continue reading

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Did Nokia let Jemma Lyon take the fall?

Telegraph – Nokia in plagiarism row after ‘short film award winner disqualified for cheating’ – Nokia, the mobile phone company, has been forced to disqualify the winner of a British film prize after an investigation found her entry was a … Continue reading

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Einy90: the adventures of Einy Shah, agent of WIN

The Tories almost lost one of their most effective undercover activists last night, in a criminal act of sabotage that many suspect to be an assassination attempt. Einy Shah (codename Einy90) showed the pluck she is famous for by shrugging … Continue reading

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Break the silence, buy radios for Burma

Inspired by Will, I’m going to hand over a little blog real estate to Amnesty International for this important message; In Burma’s harsh media environment a number of courageous individuals work hard to break through the wall of censorship. Although … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries is unfit to Chair the Health Select Committee

MPs will vote in a secret ballot today on a series of committee positions. During this process, they will decide between the following Conservative MPs for Chair of the Health Select Committee; Sir Paul Beresford, Mr Peter Bone, Mr Stephen … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries: still a shameless liar

Nadine Dorries has decided to stand for Chair of the Health Select Committee. No, really. And she is now distributing begging letters to other MPs seeking votes/support. I say letters, because I hear of a variation of this letter published … Continue reading

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