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Patrick Mercer claims Tory conference is terror target. Maybe.

Let me do you the courtesy of explaining why I think Patrick Mercer’s ‘Tory conference terror alert’ story is a crock of beans. To begin with, Patrick Mercer claims his sources are retired police and Army intelligence officers: Sources in … Continue reading

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Total Politics : junk mail from Iain Dale

To: Webmaster From: Jessica Freeman Message: Dear Mr Ireland, Each week Total Politics interviews a top political blogger. Would you be available for a phone/email interview (it’s only about ten minutes) sometime this week? Kind Regards, Jess Freeman Sent … Continue reading

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Battle of the Tims

I’m doing my first ‘Pecha Kucha’ style presentation at an event in Guildford this evening but was in two minds about showing off the current status of one of my long-term search results. Being second to Tim Berners-Lee is one … Continue reading

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Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed.

Hi folks. Bit of an extraordinary post, this one. Apologies for bending your ear. After a rotten 18+ months facing some quite extraordinary harassment from a range of Conservative-aligned dastards and assorted supporting fruit-loops, I face one of my greatest … Continue reading

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Zac Goldsmith, Anne Milton and the 50:50 split

Let’s begin with this segment of the interview between Jon Snow and Zac ‘Comedy’ Goldsmith: Jon Snow: Why is a poster that has your face and your name on then paid for by local councillors who are fighting the council … Continue reading

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Zac Goldsmith, Jemima Khan, and the deleted tweets

Last Friday, on July 16, Zac Goldsmith appeared on Channel 4 news in a spectacular car-crash of an interview with Jon Snow. If you’ve not watched it yet, I highly recommend that you do, not least because watching this and … Continue reading

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Patrick Mercer: for the love of…

Before early 2009, the Conservative MP Patrick Mercer enjoyed a partnership with Glen Jenvey (aka Richard Tims) and Dominic Wightman (aka Dominic Whiteman, aka Richard Walker) that appeared to make a positive contribution in the struggle against extremism/terrorism, and earned … Continue reading

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Top 10 Biggest Liars in British Blogging Poll – 2010

In honour of Iain Dale’s repeated attempts to have his slightly-less-rigged blog-poll taken seriously (see also: Top 100 Worst Blogs Poll) I’ve decided to conduct a poll of my own based on my own interests… i.e. exposing liars and watching … Continue reading

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Expenses: fancy a little data entry?

The delightful Ms Humphrey Cushion spotted some fresh expenses data released on July 8, 2010. There’s no master page for it that I can find, sorry, but if you visit this page and click on most MP’s names, it should … Continue reading

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GayTV: Richard Desmond loves cock (for cash)

Front pages reach an audience beyond a newspaper’s readership, and every editor knows this. Therefore, the impact of this stunning bigotry and ignorance should not be underestimated and certainly shouldn’t be ignored: Daily Express – NOW ASYLUM IF YOU’RE GAY: … Continue reading

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