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Nadine Dorries declares her main home to be in Mid Bedfordshire

As the Telegraph also make clear a week too late, Nadine Dorries was already under investigation over expenses before this post-election bombshell which the Sunday Times appear to have been sitting on for at least a fortnight; not for any … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries has finally gone too far

Last night Nadine Dorries smeared me as a stalker in a room full of people, and went on to repeat that smear online via her Twitter feed (giving me no choice but to publish the following evidence and confront the … Continue reading

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NEW VIDEO: David Cameron Met a Black Man

Thank you to everybody who responded to my request for ‘head on a stick’ footage. Here’s what I did with it. David Cameron Met a Black Man (soundtrack: ‘Common People’) Of course, this is an Art, and subsequently I am … Continue reading

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Page 3 girls fears hung parliament, proportional respresentation

It’s comforting to know that every white van man who enjoys a quiet moment with Page 3 today will be sufficiently alert to the dangers of a hung parliament and proportional representation. The Sun exploiting young women and treating people … Continue reading

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Holy cow! Have I been smeared as a criminal by local Conservatives?

Almost four years ago now, myself and some Guildford-based Liberal Democrats were smeared via a series of anonymous weblogs and anonymous comments on established weblogs (see latest post). Many of these smears were a direct response to my weblog about … Continue reading

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#freefilm : The Minister for the Internets / Launch

#freefilm is a project designed to prompt discussion of the Digital Economy Act 2010 [#deact] and politics in general Members of the public are invited to join the project by editing their own campaign videos using the following as kit … Continue reading

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A gift for Our Boys on the Malabar Front

After a well-documented series of hilarious own-goals, the Conservatives appear to have gone to a lot of trouble to make their latest poster ‘unshoppable’…. so I knocked this ‘blank’ up in a spare two minutes I had. Have fun. Related … Continue reading

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Conservative Change Channel: Election special

If you’re not a political geek or a regular reader of Bloggerheads, then you may want to go straight to the money shot (Nadine Dorries: Wonder Woman!). Otherwise… Conservative Change Channel: EXCLUSIVE! ELECTION! EDITION!

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Anne Milton suddenly decides it’s time for positive campaigning

Anne Milton, Conservative candidate for the marginal seat of Guildford, has decided that now a general election looms, there is no room for negative campaigning: Some people might see a clever smear against her opponents when they read the above, … Continue reading

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David Cameron + Nadine Dorries – abortion and contortion

(Psst! I hope to raise these matters and others in The Dorries edition of The People’s Pamphlet. Come join us.) – It’s election time, and disappointingly, David Cameron has shot out of the gates seeking to rally his right-wing Christian … Continue reading

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