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Iain Dale is interviewing Nick Griffin for profit, not out of principle

Though Cowards Flinch – We’ll huff and we’ll puff and we’ll blow their house down: It has come to our attention that the magazine ‘Total Politics’ is planning to publish an interview with Nick Griffin, the racist leader of the … Continue reading

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Jeremy Hunt – archives and accountability

Last night I attended a Social Media Summit hosted by Lewis PR and and run/moderated by Paul Evans. A number of people spoke on the panel, including Jeremy Hunt. Jeremy Hunt is the Conservative MP for South West Surrey … Continue reading

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Google, Gmail, and YouTube: customer ‘service’

[NOTE – Gmail is a free email service provided by Google. Pyra Labs ( was acquired by Google in 2003, YouTube in 2006.] Evening Standard – Google bosses convicted over abuse video of Down’s syndrome boy Google today vowed to … Continue reading

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Temazepam Plus: Dorries, drugs and the art of ‘accidental’ libel

During the filming of Tower Block of Commons (in December last year), one of two sisters Nadine Dorries was staying with was so incensed by the MP’s conduct that she began broadcasting on Twitter. The two tweets from that account … Continue reading

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Charlie and the Cheerleaders: the golden ticket

Finally, it’s out in the open and established beyond any doubt: Charlie Flowers, when confronted in public about the online attacks on me… More comments have been received regarding my posts on Charlie Flowers and the “Cheerleaders”. As any regular … Continue reading

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Who grabbed the NadineDorriesMP username?

Unlike some of Nadine Dorries’ nearest and dearest blog-chums, I don’t go around attacking people from behind a shield of anonymity or a range of sock-puppets. In fact, I’ll usually seek to intervene if I see someone engaging in unfair/anonymous … Continue reading

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Lynn Elson and Nadine Dorries: peas in a pub

The good people at the Telegraph have just reported the following: Telegraph – MPs’ expenses: Nadine Dorries paid £35,000 to close friend in PR: Between September 2008 and June 2009, Mrs Dorries claimed £34,059.75 for the services of the company … Continue reading

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Gina Khan has a problem with bullying

Gina Khan is a 40-something woman who speaks out against radical Muslims, with a focus on the rights of women born into Muslim society. As the Times reports, the price she has paid for this is intimidation at the hands … Continue reading

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Here’s what happens when Conservatives cry ‘stalker’

This exchange is typical of Iain Dale; he sees the word ‘fake’ and/or ‘opportunist’, and screams ‘insult’, but he’ll throw the most awful accusations about himself and later defend it as ‘banter’ or ‘opinion’. One of his favourites is an … Continue reading

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To: Nick Catt

[NOTE – UK-based web hosts are particularly easy to bully thanks to certain peculiarities in local libel laws, and people acting for (or on behalf of) Redwire Design have been taking advantage of that, by bullying my priovider rather than … Continue reading

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