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Join our group PCC submission

NOTICE – The petition appears to have been removed because of some action/error by the US-based provider (and at the worst possible time; just after everybody went home yesterday). It’s 9am GMT on 20/01/2010 and it’s still going to be … Continue reading

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I’m building an igloo, me! (OK, so the kids are helping.)

Inspired by this effort, I’ve started building an igloo in the backyard with the kids. What we’ve managed so far used only the snow in the yard, so with more heavy snow expected tonight, we should have our supply of … Continue reading

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Harry Cole (aka Tory Bear) crosses the line in ‘defence’ of #KerryOut

Short version: The #KerryOut/ campaign is a nasty, baseless attack, and the person behind it – Harry Cole (Conservative blogger and protégé of Paul Staines) – has responded to this criticism with… a nasty, baseless attack. I first want to … Continue reading

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All hail the Big Giant Head

Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. The age of the Big Giant Head (as envisaged in Backing Blair) is with us at last: The Big Giant Head dares to invade the dreadful void. The Big Giant Head eases … Continue reading

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I am happy that you are alive and well

Hello to you all, and Happy New Year. It has now been a year to the day since this dire warning was issued by The Sun, based on the word of Glen Jenvey: Happily, this “massive atrocity” didn’t take place … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries’ Christmas Message

Blessings to you and all the other peasants of Mid-Narnia! [*blesses*] And now, here is your annual message of hope. Chew it slowly. Princess Nadine’s Christmas Message 2009

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Meet Dougal Blimey

Conservative Change Channel – Rupert Murdoch and other great Australians There’s a new character on Conservative Change Channel by the name of Dougal Blimey. I hope you enjoy meeting him as much as I enjoyed creating him. Incidentally, I was … Continue reading

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Trafigura takes steaming dump, gags Auntie (SFW)

This scandal of dumped toxic waste brought down a government, but the Swiss-based multinational Trafigura struggles on in the hope of burying the truth along with the bodies. What a bunch of shameless bastards. You can help beat Trafigura’s gag … Continue reading

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Patrick Mercer and what may or may not be evidence of something

If you’ve been following the Jenvey/Mercer/Wightman saga, you’re probably aware of Glen Jenvey’s habit of releasing emails, PDFs, Word DOCs and the like in group emails or via comments on other people’s websites (or both) as evidence of this or … Continue reading

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Private Eye / Adam Macqueen : “we don’t credit blogs” (you nutter)

This year, I’ve been subjected to a series of personal attacks as a result of one story: Bloggerheads – Glen Jenvey has some explaining to do One of the most surprising/disappointing attacks came from Private Eye, a magazine I’d previously … Continue reading

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