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Trafigura takes steaming dump, gags Auntie (SFW)

This scandal of dumped toxic waste brought down a government, but the Swiss-based multinational Trafigura struggles on in the hope of burying the truth along with the bodies. What a bunch of shameless bastards. You can help beat Trafigura’s gag … Continue reading

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Patrick Mercer and what may or may not be evidence of something

If you’ve been following the Jenvey/Mercer/Wightman saga, you’re probably aware of Glen Jenvey’s habit of releasing emails, PDFs, Word DOCs and the like in group emails or via comments on other people’s websites (or both) as evidence of this or … Continue reading

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Private Eye / Adam Macqueen : “we don’t credit blogs” (you nutter)

This year, I’ve been subjected to a series of personal attacks as a result of one story: Bloggerheads – Glen Jenvey has some explaining to do One of the most surprising/disappointing attacks came from Private Eye, a magazine I’d previously … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries is never wrong

The twitterlyverse was quietly minding its own business yesterday when Nadine Dorries suddenly exploded with fury ‘bemusement’ so great, it could not be contained in a single tweet: (Hint for n00bs: read from bottom to top) It soon became clear … Continue reading

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Simon Edhouse: adventures in the entrepreneurial mindset

I’ve been funnelling most of the ‘diverting links’ content through my Twitter channel lately, but it will take a smidgen over 140 characters for me to run you through this so you get the full benefit, so for the first … Continue reading

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What goes on in Google’s wasteland (and why you should care)

BBC – Michelle Obama racist image sparks Google apology: Google has apologised over a racially offensive picture of Michelle Obama which appears when users search for images of the US first lady. The image comes top of the Google Images … Continue reading

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An open letter to Lord (Michael) Ashcroft

Dear Lord Ashcroft, Apologies for the open letter, but the better part of two months has been wasted going through the ‘proper channels’ on this matter, and your staff only appeared to show mild interest (at best) when there was … Continue reading

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Graham Dudman plays the man

The following is the full, unedited and uncensored text of a letter from Graham Dudman (Managing Editor of The Sun) to the PCC, written in relation to the ‘Alan Sugar terror target’ story that was first revealed here at Bloggerheads … Continue reading

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YouTube’s priorities

Amount of time YouTube take to remove a video containing a glimpse of nudity from their servers after a possible/arguable violation of their Community Guidelines: Less than 6 hours. Amount of time YouTube take to remove my ex-directory home address … Continue reading

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Page 3 propaganda

Not a lot of people know, understand or appreciate what’s been happening on Page 3 since 2003, so I made a video that explains it and includes all the evidence anyone could want that The Sun have been royally taking … Continue reading

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