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Paul Staines and the Guido Fawkes ‘logo’

News reaches me via this comment in this thread that copyright for the ‘logo’ that Paul Staines has been using for well over 4 years on the ‘Guido Fawkes’ site most likely rests with IPC Magazines, and not Paul Staines … Continue reading

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Iain Dale is knowingly complicating my harassment case

There are many things that I would love to blog about right now. I would love to tell you all about [censored] and their threat to [censored] but there are significant legal and moral obstacles. Iain Dale knows of these … Continue reading

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Another boring week at Bloggerheads

There will be very little in the way of blogging this week but you can follow me on Twitter if you like. Comments are closed at this time. Cheers all. Richard O’Brien: Over At The Frankenstein Place (Acoustic Version)

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Goodbye, Poons

The funeral for Dave Halligan is this Friday (19 June). If you would like to send a message of condolence and/or share your memories of Poons with his family and friends, please send them to my Gmail address no later … Continue reading

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Poons is gone

“As many of you will by now be aware, the one and only Dave Halligan ceased to be on Saturday, 30th May 2009. The funeral will take place in Birkenhead in a couple of weeks. A lot of folks will … Continue reading

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Hello to all the little Hitlers out there

This is a photo from a friend’s private collection. I hereby dedicate this scan to all the little Hitlers of the world. Bless them, their ickle jackboots, their adorably unsteady goose-stepping, and most of all their dream of not only … Continue reading

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Anti-BNP Twitter pictures for all

Right-click, ‘save us’, upload to Twitter, then tweet: Easy. Now go out and vote. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Fisking the BNP’s published policies

MINI-UPDATE – see also: The Daily Quail – Why the BNP hate Britain The BNP decided last night that they would (finally) broadcast their policies instead of riding the expenses scandal. Meanwhile, they’ve urged all of their activists to share … Continue reading

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Billy Brit III (the BNP are Nazi wankers)

A bit rushed this one, but it’s from the heart. Don’t forget to vote, folks! Billy Brit III (the BNP are Nazi wankers) Warning: this video may contain language that “the majority of people in this country find a bit … Continue reading

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My, my, my… look at all that lovely real estate

Below is what a search for ‘billy brit’ returned last night (and this morning’s results are even better). That’s near-total ownership; strong control of the brand in Google within a week, using just a few short minutes of video, and … Continue reading

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