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Meanwhile, Glen Jenvey’s back in the news…

Daily Mail – Unmasked: The football hooligans behind last weekend’s bloody protest against a Muslim war demo: (Dave Smeeton) and his supporters were in Luton for the Bank Holiday to lay wreaths at the war memorial. And to take part … Continue reading

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Iain Dale and the subtle art of legal gagging

“Dear Iain Dale, I think Nadine Dorries is a twat. This doesn’t mean I think you’re a twat. But as it happens, I do.” – Anton Vowl 1. According to lawyers acting for Iain Dale, I am not mad/insane and … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries censors Nadine Dorries

This week, Nadine Dorries emerged from her tragically difficult long weekend with a fab new makeover and a ‘get some’ attitude. To show us how bold and brave she was (and that nothing had changed), she then misrepresented the contents … Continue reading

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That’s the way you do it

Take a look at the real estate that’s now under the control of those offering an alternative view to that put forward by the BNP though ‘Billy Brit’. This took roughly 24 hours: Matt Wardman also dabbles in the dark … Continue reading

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Meet the new Billy Brit

A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting on Teh Twitter with some like-minded people and we happened across this video of a BNP puppet designed to teach Teh Kids about how cool it is to be white (or something … Continue reading

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Boothroyd’s resignation from the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee

The Register – Sockpuppeting British politico resigns from Wikisupremecourt: A Labour councillor for London’s City of Westminster resigned from Wikipedia’s supreme court at the weekend, after admitting he gained election to the site’s ruling body using a false name… When … Continue reading

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Play the new and exciting game NAD-LIBS at home or at work

Hi, kids! Hey, do you want to be the coolest and HIPPEST cat in your playground or office? Then show your grasp of current affairs by playing this GREAT NEW GAME with your friends, family and assorted associates: NAD-LIBS! It … Continue reading

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Iain Dale seeks to silence me with legal threats

People keep bitching at me about long posts, but it’s other people’s bullshit that make things so complicated. Regardless, here I am going to try to keep to the basics and show you why Nadine Dorries and Iain Dale (and … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries is no blogger, and no blogging hero

Nadine Dorries, as it was once put so delicately by Dawn Primarolo:, has recently asserted many things to be facts that are not. While stating as facts things that are not facts, Nadine Dorries has also – by the account … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Rubinstein Phillips LLP, Solicitors

Please excuse me while I quickly post a response to a letter that just arrived in the post Open Letter to Rubenstein Phillips LLP, Solicitors Re: Your client (Iain Dale) and your recent letter Dear Sirs, 1. I take offence … Continue reading

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