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Nadine Dorries and one or two stays at The Carlton Club

OK, so there’s this place called The Carlton Club where “only persons of full age who support the Conservative Party shall be eligible for membership” and they offer hotel-style accommodation to their members. From what I can make out from … Continue reading

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BNP stealing images, short of photogenic supporters

[I wrote this last night and found out this morning I was scooped by Newspeak who also confirm stock status of the doctor and the soldier. Forgot all about the excellent Tineye. Oh well. Here we go anyway…] The night … Continue reading

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An open letter to Ian Hislop of Private Eye magazine

This one’s quite a whopper, folks. Watch out for the previously unblogged material, most notably the details about a letter from The Sun to the PCC. This is not a letter that I write lightly, and I regret having to … Continue reading

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I’d like you to meet a man of courage*

Stuff me and my selfishness; I was too caught up in my own shit to fully appreciate what poons has been going through, so please excuse me while I take care of a Bit of Necessary: “Hi my name is … Continue reading

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MessageSpace: “We know where you live!”

What was I saying in my earlier post about MessageSpace and private data? Yesterday morning I twittered about an email from MessageSpace. Well, a copy of that same message has arrived by post to my home as a letter.

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Goodbye, Derek Draper

You may recall, before Draper was foolish enough to hand the moral high ground to blog-cheats and smear-merchants Iain Dale and Paul Staines, that he made a show of accepting videos from anonymous members of the public, when he was … Continue reading

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Keyword broadcasting

I recently made an information request (details later) and one of the things I asked for was details of searches made using my name and/or the name of my website. I asked for this data and (depending on what they … Continue reading

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MessageSpace: the unprofessional network

Recently I was forced to talk with Jag Singh, Chief Information Officer at MessageSpace about the conduct of Paul Staines (aka ‘Guido Fawkes’), one of the bloggers in that banner advertising network. During a conversation where we established that MessageSpace … Continue reading

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Andrew Gilligan in OCTOPUPPET: a short film about sock-puppets

I am hoping that you will like my new video very much. It’s all about a little incident involving Andrew Gilligan and sock-puppets, and I was right in the middle of the spectacular James Bond fantasy finale when I tripped … Continue reading

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G20: Callum Winton may wish to revise his eyewitness statement(s)

Callum Winton is a professional photographer who has recently started blogging, and was present at the G20 event where Ian Tomlinson was assaulted by a disguised police officer and later died. I need to note from the outset that Winton … Continue reading

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