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A year without cigarettes

It’s been a year since I smoked my last cigarette. I know that I’m never going back. 1. Stay away from cigarettes, kids! Be cool like your Uncle Tim and stick to the candy fags. 2. If you’re addicted to … Continue reading

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Chin up.

Reuters – (Luke Baker) Exclusive: Lawyer says Guantanamo abuse worse since Obama: Abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay has worsened sharply since President Barack Obama took office as prison guards “get their kicks in” before the camp is closed, according … Continue reading

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Counting my blessings. Back soon.

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Jack Straw declares sunlight to be an enemy of democracy

A heads-up via Carl: PA – Straw ‘will veto” Iraq minutes: The Government will exercise veto powers to block publication of key Cabinet minutes under freedom of information laws, it has been announced. Justice Secretary Jack Straw said he could … Continue reading

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Sir Alan Sugar sues over Sun/Jenvey claims

Guardian – Alan Sugar sues Sun over terror splash: Sir Alan Sugar has begun legal action over a Sun front page story that alleged he was named on a “terror hit list”… Sugar… yesterday issued a writ at the high … Continue reading

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Brother from another plant

The following is a little snippet of an ordinary man’s history that was recently found by a friend in a pile of forgotten correspondence. It was passed from one (blood) brother to another to show what some (blood of the … Continue reading

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Gail Trimble will submit to my mighty rage

You may see a smug grimace after each correct answer, but I see a person who is peripherally aware of herself appearing in close-up on studio monitors after each correct answer and – consciously or unconsciously – trying to hide … Continue reading

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G-bombing YouTube update

Sorry that this took so long: I also didn’t mean for this silly footage of a wild-eyed lady to out-rank this important footage featuring another wild-eyed lady, but it’s all temporary, and sure to be sorted once Google becomes aware … Continue reading

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Young boy younger than young girl who gives birth to even younger baby shock

The good people at The Sun never tire of warning us how child benefits ‘encourage’ teenage pregnancy. In fact, any government initiative involving any kind of money or gain – no matter how pathetic it may be – immediately amounts … Continue reading

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Prepare to feel good all over

Talent. (via)

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