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The Fix

George Monbiot – Just what exactly do you stand for, Hazel Blears – except election?: Fixes like this might give you some clues about why more people are not taking part in politics. I believe there is a vast public … Continue reading

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Epic win: Christian Bale Vs. David after the dentist

By now most of you will have heard Christian Bale’s rant (plus a few remixes) and seen David after his visit to the dentist (plus a few remixes)… now prepare yourselves for a sweary trip to YouTube heaven (NSFW audio, … Continue reading

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Jeremy Reynalds forgot to declare an interest

Jeremy Reynalds is an interesting man whose mind works in interesting ways. Take, for example, his reaction to the Abu Ghraib scandal; which *so* obviously raised questions about homosexuals in the military and the way CBS conduct themselves. So when … Continue reading

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Carol Thatcher: weblogs, frogs and golliwogs

The Times – Carol Thatcher’s golliwog remarks ‘made eyes roll in the green room’: Thatcher, who had been drinking, her spokeswoman admitted, is alleged to have referred to “the golliwog frog”, thought to be a reference to the French player … Continue reading

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PCC ‘in league with terrorists’ outrage shock exclusive

Hi folks! Regulars at Bloggerheads will know by now that I’m simply fascinated by the craft of sock-puppetry, and I have a cracker of a sock-puppet to show you. [Note – If this is of little to no interest to … Continue reading

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Boy Miliband boldly stands aside on torture

Telegraph – David Miliband says Britain right on ‘torture evidence’ refusal: He told MPs that the American authorities did not want documents discussing the Binyam Mohamed case to be made public, and that defying their wishes would not be in … Continue reading

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Emails to Downing Street delivered

Tom has kindly been keeping tabs on the Downing Street email situation, and he tells me that they’re a month away from a fix. The emails I’ve gathered have been faxed to Downing Street, with the following message: Hello, Downing … Continue reading

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Snow day!

A small selection of photos I took when out and about today. In other news, Iain Dale is waving the ‘fascist’ tag about, and David Cameron throws like a girl.

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What could possibly go wrong?

Press Gazette – Revised Sun freelance rates ‘lowest on Fleet Street’: The Sun and The Times have cut the freelance rates paid for stories and pictures to levels condemned as “completely unacceptable” by the National Association of News and Picture … Continue reading

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Jenvey: another long and boring post about sock puppets

Read Richard Bartholomew and this comment thread on the subject of Lionheart’s serial retro-moderation and other sudden changes of heart. Richard Bartholomew reports that Lionheart is back, and defending Glen Jenvey. All of the comments presently under that latest Lionheart … Continue reading

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