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Two screengrabs for your reference and mine

Over the past 20+ hours, Derek Draper has been playing a fun little game of comment keepsies. He’s been challenging folk, including me, to respond to this or that… while withholding any responses. This is the link, but please keep … Continue reading

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Obama is freeing all of his terrorist buddies

CNN – Guantanamo judge suspends 9/11 case prosecutions: The presiding judge in the 9/11 terrorism case at the Guantanamo detention facility granted a delay in the case on Wednesday, according to a military official close to the proceedings. The continuance … Continue reading

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Why is the Labour Party spamming bloggers?

Since mid-January, I have received a number of separate emails from the following address: Labour Party New Media Team info [at] Initially, I thought nothing of it; I’d subscribed to email updates from the Labour Party a long time … Continue reading

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Lotsa links for lunchtime

The character is fiction, but the horror is real; Sick Days – D-Notice on The Sun v the Criminal Justice System. – Paulie has a different opinion to mine on MPs and their expenses. I readily accept that my opinion … Continue reading

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And here’s another tune by John Williams

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Out with Teh Bush, in with Teh Obama

Today (thanks to some great work done by Sim-O), most of the action will be over at The Sun: Tabloid Lies as we finally delve into The Echo Chamber… (dramatic sting) (evil laugh) However, I do have a special treat … Continue reading

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MPs and expenses

You may have slightly better prospects up or down your way, but I don’t think it’s unfair to say that writing my MP about this issue will be a waste of time. I’m pretty sure her mind is already made … Continue reading

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Two videos for you from The Daily Show (on the last 8 days) and Olbermann (on the last 8 years). Plus, a Wikipedia page to watch: List of people pardoned by George W. Bush (it currently reads “In contrast to … Continue reading

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The British are coming

Hello all. A little landmark in British political blogging has just whooshed by, and I thought I might share the lesson in a way that outsiders can enjoy. (This includes our American cousins, but none of those filthy Canadanians, for … Continue reading

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Gaza: party bags and cake for afters!

And so this tragedy draws to a neat sudden close just as the stars converge on Hollywood Washington. Gets you right *there*, don’t it? (Psst! Look out for the bit at the end where their batteriesssh runnn dowwwwwn….) Two items … Continue reading

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