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Labour List – a warning to all potential contributors

During a previous conversation, founder and controller Derek Draper suggested that I share with the class our entire email conversation. I’m happy to reveal all of that previous conversation at any stage, but for now I’m treating this as … Continue reading

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John McDonnell suspended from the House of Commons for handling mace

Guardian – Labour MP suspended from Commons over Heathrow protest: A Labour MP was suspended from the Commons for five days today after grabbing the Speaker’s mace in protest at the government’s decision to allow a third runway at Heathrow. … Continue reading

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I’m boycotting all products and produce from Israel

I’ll be reading labels and researching brand ownership where possible to make sure I stick to it, too. Septicisle – Time to boycott Israel: If however the government is unwilling to act… then individually we should be prepared to either … Continue reading

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Derek Draper is an arrogant sod

Sometimes people miss key updates to previous posts (waves to BBD), so I’m putting a little alert here to draw your attention to breathtaking arrogance that rivals even Dale’s best efforts: “i am building a site for 60 million people, … Continue reading

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It’s time to start cleaning up The Sun’s mess

I’ve just wasted well over a day chasing The Sun in an attempt to get them to explain exactly why their Glen Jenvey article was removed. Ideally, I would have liked to have gone from this starting point to a … Continue reading

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It’s time for you to go…

‘Goodbye George’ music videos have been appearing since late last year, and here’s one of them (the video borrows left, right and centre, but I do like the song): UPDATE – are running a video competition, but if that’s … Continue reading

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South West Trains: still crap

I’d like you to meet Tom, who has started his own South West Trains diary. Good luck to you, Tom! I should maybe restart with one of my own; on Monday I witnessed a train splitting and one half departing … Continue reading

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Tony Blair finally gets his first reach-around

As reported by the BBC and in the Guardian, Times and Daily Mail, Tony Blair received his Medal of Freedom today, but did not receive his long-delayed* Congressional Gold Medal at the same ceremony. (*Phew, I almost said ‘overdue’ then; … Continue reading

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The Catholic Orangemen of Togo and Other Conflicts I Have Known

Craig Murray has stuck two fingers up at Schillings and Tim Spicer and offered his latest book as a free download. He has even invited others to host the relevant file and repeat the offer, ensuring that by now the … Continue reading

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Cllr Ben Grower cannot be trusted

Bournemouth Echo – Website praise for Bournemouth councillor comes from… councillor!: ‘Omegaman’ is registered with an address containing Cllr Grower’s name, which does not appear to other readers. When contacted, Cllr Grower initially suggested several people had access to his … Continue reading

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