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Derek Draper, LabourList and… Schillings?!

Putting aside for the moment Derek Draper’s greatly misguided decision to learn at the feet of self-proclaimed masters of the medium Iain Dale and Paul Staines (while touching briefly on what he has clearly learned about comment moderation censorship from … Continue reading

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The Sun: no comment

1. The Sun’s article claiming that ‘top jews’ were being targeted by Muslims (that was in fact based on forum comments written by their quoted terrorism ‘expert’ posing as a Muslim) has been removed [404] from The Sun’s website without … Continue reading

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I’ve earned a day off

UPDATE – Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Let’s go here instead:

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The Orwell Prize 2009: Special Prize for Blogs

I almost didn’t enter or plug this competition because of the money they put in Staines’ pocket via a MessageSpace ad, but I figured it’d be a pretty poor competition without any real art… and I know of several people … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Old Holborn

WARNING: There’s a gang of thugs on the loose that like to use personal data as a tool for bullying. It’s less a massive conspiracy, and more of a ‘bad neighbourhood'; the result of a poor moral/debating standard that’s common … Continue reading

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Glen Jenvey has some explaining to do

Let’s begin by going back to the Sun non-story that prompted this initial post: The Sun – Islamic fanatics name Alan Sugar, Mark Ronson and Lord Levy in a hit list of Britain’s leading Jews: British anti-terror expert Glen Jenvey … Continue reading

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In search of ‘Richard Tims’ (aka ‘abuislam’)

WARNING: This is another ‘boring’ post about sock-puppets. As has been reported by Septicisle, with a trimmed mirror at The Sun: Tabloid Lies, the good people at the Sun have based this entire front page story… The Sun – Islamic … Continue reading

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Five links

A bus campaign that has really kicked off: Guardian – The atheist bus journey: Thanks to you we raised enough money to put ads on 800 buses across the UK, and the campaign has gone global. A bus campaign that … Continue reading

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Straight to blogroll

Some of you will already know mushybees; we teamed up all the way back in 2005 for WMD Hunt. Mushybees has just re-discovered the joys of using text with images, and the result is out-freakin-standing. Enjoy tumescent with rage; I … Continue reading

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Tony ‘two medals’ Blair

Next week Tony Blair will return from holiday and rush to Gaza and actually do his job as special envoy to the Middle East rush to the White House to collect not one but two medals for his stellar work … Continue reading

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