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Happy New Year…

… from FOX News (via). Also, some perspective for you.

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Hicham Yezza

Please read Phil BC and Unity on the plight of Hicham Yezza and consider any or all of the following measures. I doubt very much if my MP (Anne Milton) will give a damn, especially if it looks like costing … Continue reading

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The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas (Tabloid Edition) by Tim Ireland ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the House Not a creature was stirring, except for this louse; The shocking news hung like a fart in the air, That something … Continue reading

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LondonUnlocked: rather a bit too shy about their Tory donor roots

Boris Watch – The Ever So ‘Independent’ Also, there’s only one registered user – ‘Editor’ – who has no email address, there are few or no comments, and who’s this Maurice Bennett? …. So there we are, is … Continue reading

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Santa Claus is a sell-out

I hope Debenhams release Santa from his contract before Christmas Eve, or there are going to be lots of disappointed boys and girls around the world.

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Richard Littlejohn is a lying, manipulative scoundrel

Five Chinese Crackers – Smellyface Christmas, Everybody! (via) Eric the Fish – More Fairy Tales LeftieHippie – Richard Littlejohn and Google Maps Even though he’s got it wrong, is lying, or is just making stuff up for most if not … Continue reading

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Sparing a thought for some of the fun I’m missing

- Camera in a Guy’s Head has been a ‘featured’ video at YouTube (UK) for a couple of days now. Views are in their tens of thousands and comments in their hundreds. I’m still having trouble understanding the purpose of … Continue reading

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Hitting and running

Psst! I’m over here this morning. Oh, and here’s a little something for Alex Hilton, who claims to have missed the whole Usmanov thing; a video I made at the time, but neglected to release… UK Libel Law (explained in … Continue reading

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Push has finally come to shove

As much I’d love to bring you an opaque post full of tedious detail, this is all you get today; Mr Popularity strikes again… YouTube – Who wants to stand next to the President for a picture?

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Little Shannon Matthews is pure, concentrated evil

I don’t think the good people at the Mirror really thought this one through: Please see Septicisle for some thoughtful words on this topic. – – Also worth reading is Jean-Charles de Menezes summed up (via) – While I remain … Continue reading

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