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Alex Hilton vs. Johanna Kaschke

David Semple – Bloggers against libel: help Alex Hilton No. David T – Defend Alex “Recess Monkey” Hilton No. Iain Dale – “Some people may think I have lost my marbles when they read this post…” No! Alex Hilton – … Continue reading

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Damian Green: careful teasing adds volume

BBC – Row over Green ‘grooming’ claims: Senior Tories are furious that police who arrested MP Damian Green accused him of “grooming” a Home Office mole to leak him information… When police questioned Mr Green – the shadow immigration minister … Continue reading

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Martin Wiesner (aka ‘Pogsurf’, aka ‘Lobster Blogster’, aka ‘Tory Dipper’, aka…)

You might initially think that this issue pales into insignificance next to the million assumptions that simply must be made immediately about matters in Mumbai today, but I for one believe that the reliability of information is important across the … Continue reading

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Andrew Gilligan: Ailing Standards

After giving Andrew Gilligan puh-lenty of chances to either deny or defend the use of multiple false identities to praise/defend his own articles and/or undermine critics of Boris Johnson, I finally ran out of patience with the bloke and took … Continue reading

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Some anonymous Wikipedia edits by employees of Associated Newspapers Ltd

This afternoon, I used the almighty Wiki Scanner to have a quick browse through some old anonymous edits made from an Associated Newspapers IP address. (Primarily by the looks of things, and you can browse from the most recent … Continue reading

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Fat lot of good it’ll do them in a battery cage, but…

This is the coolest thing you’ll see all day, if not all week: Chicken Head Tracking (Loving the new widescreen setting on YouTube, BTW… even if it does date my entire collection.)

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But he’s got you, dear boy…

Boris Watch has spotted it, and it slipped under the Guardian’s radar at the time, but I’d like to highlight this for regulars at Bloggerheads as a warm-up of sorts. This is a comment left on the Guardian’s website using … Continue reading

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Iain Dale has introduced compulsory comment registration on his weblog. It’s on a trial basis, he’s pledged to give it more of a chance than he did last time, he clearly recognises the way in which the all-comers system was … Continue reading

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Awwww… poor George

I meant to blog this on Friday, but that silly Mr Gilligan got in the way. Here’s a clear indication (if you need it) of Bush’s legacy. Do any of these world leaders see any need to play nice now … Continue reading

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All (suitable) hands on deck, please

1. Do you already have a CiF/Guardian account*? 2. Do you think the use of sock-puppetry is pathetic, dishonest and/or damaging? Then please, if you have a moment, read this article and then check in under comments to let Andrew … Continue reading

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