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Gilligan begin again

Those keeping up with the Andrew Gilligan sock-puppet saga will want to keep tabs on the discussion thread under this article.

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BNP data grab bag

1. In-spired. Take a bow, Chris. – 2. And to expand on the point raised in that picture, here’s Justin: The crowning jewel of the story is that the BNP, who only this month called the Human Rights Act ‘surely … Continue reading

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The many puppets (or ‘partners’) of Andrew Gilligan

The Tory Troll brings us more on Andrew Gilligan the spontaneous outbreaks of text commonality that occur around him. Here’s the question that Andrew Gilligan refuses to answer: Do you deny leaving comments underneath your own articles and articles about … Continue reading

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Specialist Speakers: can you trust their claims?

Specialist Speakers bill themselves as providers of “business, conference and celebrity speakers for all events” and claim their “enviable reputation” is due in part to a “vision of honesty and transparency” and a commitment to “high standards and ethics”. They … Continue reading

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BNP membership list leaked and published online

Register – BNP membership list leaks online: The British National Party has lost its membership list – the whole thing has been published online. The list includes names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all members up to September … Continue reading

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Introducing the KFC ‘gourmet’ Panini

I had one of those odd karmic moments this morning; it occurred to me for the nth time that in these glorious days of lost laptops and missing memory sticks, many items are left/discovered on trains, and perhaps when travelling … Continue reading

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Get her

GenderAnalyzer (no giggling at the back there) uses A.I. to determine if a blog is written by a man or a woman. Here are the results of my own painstaking research: Test #1: “We think is written by a … Continue reading

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One for the mob

I hereby dedicate the following post to all of the people who are (presumably for the sake of variety) screaming “Hang ‘em all!” in defence of children this week: Barnardo’s children in trouble campaign – hunting film Barnardo’s: About our … Continue reading

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Baby P: angry mobs and tabloid scum

1. Independent – Facebook vigilantes identify mother of Baby P: The identity of the 27-year-old mother of Baby P was last night being circulated on the internet with the names of her boyfriend and the third man convicted of causing … Continue reading

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Andrew Gilligan comes out scratching

Boris Watch – Mr Gilligan, I Presume? Details! Evidence! Forensic analysis! My goodness, we are spoiled. And what does Mr Gilligan have to offer us? Andrew Gilligan – King Ken or Baron Boris – all mayors need a challenge: The … Continue reading

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