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Saving Africa’s Witch Children

Is anyone else watching Saving Africa’s Witch Children? What little we saw of Uma Eke had me in tears. How can people do this to each other? How can people profit from this, knowing the misery they cause?

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Flu Trends

Via Gary Andrews: RWW – Google Flu Trends: A Glimpse into the Future of Google Health: It stands to reason that people who are “starting to come down with something” often take the opportunity to search for information on what … Continue reading

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Excuse me while I carefully talk around something; I need to warn you about a small problem without using certain keywords for reasons that will be obvious in a few moments… A tragic death is in the news, a political … Continue reading

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I should crack 10,000 views by this afternoon…

Just five quick notes about reactions to ‘Bob’ and the bonfire mission: 1. I’m in the Telegraph, me. (Yes, they asked before rehosting the video.) 2. I always get a kick out of breaking the language barrier. 3. I even … Continue reading

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Little person gets big reaction

From the video description: “(Before the World Series Parade) we snuck out into the middle of Broad Street to snap a pic in front of City Hall and all the crowds. When Will raised his hands for the picture, cheers … Continue reading

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Tabloid scum

“Put another way, if mass-circulation newspapers, which also devote considerable space to reporting and analysis of public affairs, don’t have the freedom to write about scandal, I doubt whether they will retain their mass circulations with the obvious worrying implications … Continue reading

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Let’s not forget that Andrew Gilligan has some questions to answer

Michael White earns a golf clap for his jest and this mention of it in Gilligan’s own paper: Evening Standard – Footnote for banking: Private Eye editor Ian Hislop presented the 4th annual Paul Foot award last night for investigative … Continue reading

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Iain Dale’s daily fail

Tch. And to think that only last week he was returning from Teh Holy Land with a message of peace, mung-beans and understanding: Iain Dale – Parliament Should Decide on Prisoners’ Voting Rights – Not Judges: When you go to … Continue reading

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Palin: our cup runneth over

And now it’s all ‘over’, we have this: The Daily Show – Sarah Palin is so dumb, that… However, I have to take Sarah’s side here (just for a moment) and admit that she has a point; who are these … Continue reading

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Broadcasting from inside a bonfire

(Psst! New here? Read more about ‘Bob’ here.) – Bob… is dead. Consigned to the flames in the name of art. But he was OK with it in the end (honest), and he wanted you to have this: Camera in … Continue reading

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