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Andrew Gilligan: more sock-puppets found

Further reports are coming in of Andrew Gilligan making comments about his articles while pretending to be someone other than himself. I’m waiting to see a firm denial from Gilligan. When you’re ready, Andrew…. Meanwhile, bloggers who suspect that they … Continue reading

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Election night: a few notices

1. On election night, I’ll be hanging around over at Liberal Conspiracy and chatting/live-blogging as time allows. 2. Early in the evening, I plan to kill time by watching Blazing Saddles instead of coverage. I doubt I’ll need to change … Continue reading

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David Cameron (hearts) Rupert Murdoch

And to think that it was only a fortnight ago that the big story was toff Tory-boy Cameron and his toff bean-counter Osborne having secret meetings on the yachts of the super-rich, with the latter being urged to shut the … Continue reading

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An open thread

Just in case anybody wants a word. You know; to me and not about me. Cheers. (Be prepared to be left waiting. Indefinitely. That’s how the pros do it… or so I’m led to understand.)

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Gosh, I wonder where Nadine Dorries learned this trick:

Lib Dem Voice – The curious case of Nadine Dorries’s website traffic: …the claim of 800,000 readers (or any reasonable variation on the term ‘readers’) looks to be wrong. I twice contacted Nadine Dorries’s office asking for an explanation or … Continue reading

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Sock-puppeting: it’s a mug’s game

The Tory Troll appears to have caught Andrew Gilligan sock-puppeting. (via) The part that really stings is the link to the ‘kennite’ profile, and comments like this. Ouch. – UPDATE – Hahahahahahahahaha! Ouch! Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!

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And now, a little something I made for the election…

U.S. ELECTION RESULTS: STRESS RELIEF DEVICE Just a little something to keep handy as we enter the final quarter, approach the endgame, face the moment of truth and start the final countdown. Stay in your homes, people. Barricade the doors … Continue reading

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There’s no doubt about it: Sarah Palin has gone rogue

Via Wonkette, a report of Sarah Palin going far beyond any past indiscretions. She’s a right maverick, and looking out for #1…. you betcha! CNN: Palin Talks 2012, McCain Aide “Speechless” What a winker.

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Ross and Brand: bonfire night starts early this year

First, a word from Five Chinese Crackers: As Septicisle points out, in January 2007, the Mail ran a front page ridiculing the fact that the whole Celebrity Big Brother racism debacle was front page news. The Big Brother thing was … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries is either very confused or a big, fat liar

A jaw-dropping interview with Nadine Dorries appears in today’s Metro. My letter to that ‘news’paper follows. Will get a copy of the interview online ASAP. To: Metro Letters Your interview with Nadine Dorries only furthers her reputation as a self-publicising … Continue reading

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