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Sock-puppets, anonymous comments and trolls

(a ‘long and boring’ post on a subject that fascinates me) Some of you chaps must think me a bit odd to be constantly putting myself in the line of fire when it was established long ago that champion ‘bloggers’ … Continue reading

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Two quick questions on the subject of terrorism

Can you recognise terrorism when you see it? (#1) (more) Can you recognise terrorism when you see it? (#2)

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Ted Stevens

I am here to save you a needless tube journey: Yes, that Ted Stevens. YouTube – DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix: “A Series of Tubes” Time – Can Ted Stevens Still Win Alaska?: Stevens, 84, was found guilty Monday on … Continue reading

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Two items from Australia

a) It’s not your fault. b) It’s not AC/DC’s fault.

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Google 4 Grown-Ups: the search engine seminar and workshop

My new search engine optimisation seminar Google 4 Grown-Ups was very well received on its first outing, and I’m looking to do another one in partnership with Thoughtbubble very shortly. Click here to find out when the next Google 4 … Continue reading

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I want to make time to go and see Daniel in ZERO; “an explosive and anarchic stare at the ethics of torture, and the curse of censorship”. If anyone wants to come along and make a thing of it, do … Continue reading

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10 things that Nadine Dorries and Sarah Palin have in common

1. They both have a womb*, and think it is their God-given right to tell other women what to do with theirs: Huffington Post – Palin On Abortion: I’d Oppose Even If My Own Daughter Was Raped Guardian – The … Continue reading

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Two notes on the neo-Nazi skinhead plot

AP – Skinhead plot news sweeps suspect’s Tenn. hometown: Authorities describe the two as neo-Nazi skinheads, and an affidavit from a federal agent says they devised a plot to kill 88 people – beheading 14 of them. The numbers 88 … Continue reading

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Two-faced git

And you thought we couldn’t do worse than send them Blair… Iain Dale is doing his small part to bring peace to the Middle East. Bless. And to think that only last week he was banging his war drum, encouraging … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: keepin’ it real without the media filter

Sarah Palin Talks About $150K Clothing Scandal at Rally “Hey, everyone! I’m not one for airs and graces! Now look at my trophies! And this one! And this one!” Gah! Control mechanisms… weakening. Rage… becoming… hard to control. Must… track … Continue reading

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