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And now, a little something I made for the election…

U.S. ELECTION RESULTS: STRESS RELIEF DEVICE Just a little something to keep handy as we enter the final quarter, approach the endgame, face the moment of truth and start the final countdown. Stay in your homes, people. Barricade the doors … Continue reading

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There’s no doubt about it: Sarah Palin has gone rogue

Via Wonkette, a report of Sarah Palin going far beyond any past indiscretions. She’s a right maverick, and looking out for #1…. you betcha! CNN: Palin Talks 2012, McCain Aide “Speechless” What a winker.

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Ross and Brand: bonfire night starts early this year

First, a word from Five Chinese Crackers: As Septicisle points out, in January 2007, the Mail ran a front page ridiculing the fact that the whole Celebrity Big Brother racism debacle was front page news. The Big Brother thing was … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries is either very confused or a big, fat liar

A jaw-dropping interview with Nadine Dorries appears in today’s Metro. My letter to that ‘news’paper follows. Will get a copy of the interview online ASAP. To: Metro Letters Your interview with Nadine Dorries only furthers her reputation as a self-publicising … Continue reading

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Sock-puppets, anonymous comments and trolls

(a ‘long and boring’ post on a subject that fascinates me) Some of you chaps must think me a bit odd to be constantly putting myself in the line of fire when it was established long ago that champion ‘bloggers’ … Continue reading

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Two quick questions on the subject of terrorism

Can you recognise terrorism when you see it? (#1) (more) Can you recognise terrorism when you see it? (#2)

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Ted Stevens

I am here to save you a needless tube journey: Yes, that Ted Stevens. YouTube – DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix: “A Series of Tubes” Time – Can Ted Stevens Still Win Alaska?: Stevens, 84, was found guilty Monday on … Continue reading

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Two items from Australia

a) It’s not your fault. b) It’s not AC/DC’s fault.

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Google 4 Grown-Ups: the search engine seminar and workshop

My new search engine optimisation seminar Google 4 Grown-Ups was very well received on its first outing, and I’m looking to do another one in partnership with Thoughtbubble very shortly. Click here to find out when the next Google 4 … Continue reading

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I want to make time to go and see Daniel in ZERO; “an explosive and anarchic stare at the ethics of torture, and the curse of censorship”. If anyone wants to come along and make a thing of it, do … Continue reading

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