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The Ashley Todd Halloween face mask

A special Ashley Todd treat awaits you below the fold, or click here to open in a new window, ready for printing.

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Ashley Todd demands justice… and receives it in sedaps

A woman gets a black eye – without damage to the eyeballs themselves – that looks suspiciously like smeared mascara. The letter ‘B’ is carved into her face – backwards – in a knife attack where the attacker’s touch was … Continue reading

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Plinkety plunkety Palin

This is inspired: (via) (more)

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JFK Calls for a Revolution

I’m happy to plug this video, because I’m a fan of the environment, JFK and Clutch Cargo: ;oP

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Iain Dale and Nadine Dorries are a pair of liars (try to contain your surprise)

Skip to #5 if you’re in a hurry…. 1. Hey, do you remember that rigged poll of weblogs that Iain Dale claimed was “not meant to be scientific, and has never pretended to be”…? Well, he’s already presenting it as … Continue reading

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Wassup 2008 (via) I may be up for a little recycling myself, soon… we’ll see.

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Glass Houses

Rebekah Wade’s none-too-subtle warning to George Osborne to keep his mouth shut appears to have arrived a skerrick too late: Independent – Cameron, Murdoch and a Greek island freebie: Media tycoon’s son-in-law paid for Conservative leader’s flights for meeting on … Continue reading

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Happy Posters: Tower Hamlets, London E3

There is now a small but beautiful oasis of happiness in Tower Hamlets, London E3 (in a part of town that brings to mind almost every urban chase scene from The Professionals). You can take a closer look starting here.

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Nadine Dorries seeks iron-clad ‘humanzee’ guarantee

Do take the time to read this excellent post by Unity… Unity – The Prevention of Unicorns Act … but not before gazing in wonder at this passage that is on the record in Hansard: Nadine Dorries (Mid Bedfordshire, Conservative) … Continue reading

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Eclectic link dump #23

Gordon Brown gets a wee bit ahead of himself. Iain Dale says “we must not prejudge guilt”, then makes exception for Fayed. Fails to mention his friendship with the Hamiltons. Appears to wish that a fifteen year old girl has … Continue reading

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