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Sarah Palin: keepin’ it real without the media filter

Sarah Palin Talks About $150K Clothing Scandal at Rally “Hey, everyone! I’m not one for airs and graces! Now look at my trophies! And this one! And this one!” Gah! Control mechanisms… weakening. Rage… becoming… hard to control. Must… track … Continue reading

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The Ashley Todd Halloween face mask

A special Ashley Todd treat awaits you below the fold, or click here to open in a new window, ready for printing.

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Ashley Todd demands justice… and receives it in sedaps

A woman gets a black eye – without damage to the eyeballs themselves – that looks suspiciously like smeared mascara. The letter ‘B’ is carved into her face – backwards – in a knife attack where the attacker’s touch was … Continue reading

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Plinkety plunkety Palin

This is inspired: (via) (more)

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JFK Calls for a Revolution

I’m happy to plug this video, because I’m a fan of the environment, JFK and Clutch Cargo: ;oP

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Iain Dale and Nadine Dorries are a pair of liars (try to contain your surprise)

Skip to #5 if you’re in a hurry…. 1. Hey, do you remember that rigged poll of weblogs that Iain Dale claimed was “not meant to be scientific, and has never pretended to be”…? Well, he’s already presenting it as … Continue reading

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Wassup 2008 (via) I may be up for a little recycling myself, soon… we’ll see.

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Glass Houses

Rebekah Wade’s none-too-subtle warning to George Osborne to keep his mouth shut appears to have arrived a skerrick too late: Independent – Cameron, Murdoch and a Greek island freebie: Media tycoon’s son-in-law paid for Conservative leader’s flights for meeting on … Continue reading

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Happy Posters: Tower Hamlets, London E3

There is now a small but beautiful oasis of happiness in Tower Hamlets, London E3 (in a part of town that brings to mind almost every urban chase scene from The Professionals). You can take a closer look starting here.

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Nadine Dorries seeks iron-clad ‘humanzee’ guarantee

Do take the time to read this excellent post by Unity… Unity – The Prevention of Unicorns Act … but not before gazing in wonder at this passage that is on the record in Hansard: Nadine Dorries (Mid Bedfordshire, Conservative) … Continue reading

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