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Four more years

The Age – McCain goes for jugular, but misses (The jugular? What an amateur. The pros go for a carotid artery and let the heart do the rest of the work.) Getting away from this picture (heh) and back to … Continue reading

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Total Politics magazine is not answerable to the Press Complaints Commission!

[Note – Yes, I still have what ‘blog poll’ data I could gather at the time saved, and I plan to crunch it when I have the time. Of course, Iain Dale himself could sort the whole matter out in … Continue reading

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Don’t mind me… I’m just keeping death anxiety at bay.

Death and why you may have difficulty imagining the experience that follows it. No, asking a zombie doesn’t count; they haven’t been to the void, emptiness, oblivion *or* the sweet trolley. The best they can imagine is a dull tearing … Continue reading

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Policy Exchange runs London

Nice to see Iain Dale being so open about the influence of Policy Exchange for a change; most days he’s busy denying their influence. On one notable occasion when Iain Dale was a Trustee of Policy Exchange and denying their … Continue reading

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Justin has featured the trailer for Oliver Stone’s biopic, and over at Pickled Politics, noises are being made about the fine choice of soundtrack… … but me, I’m reminded of this for some strange reason:

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John Cleese on the parrot-like skills of Sarah Palin

John Cleese on Sarah Palin No dead parrot jokes, please. Too easy.

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Paul Staines: victim of the demon drink deletes two links but leaves the ‘chinks’

1. Paul ‘Fangio’ Staines emerged from the weekend with booze on his breath and egg on his face after posting a poor item in poor taste, deleting it, and then compounding the error by defending himself anonymously. When commenting under … Continue reading

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McCain and Palin lose control of the mob

Guardian – Desperate McCain gives beat to the dark heart of conservatism: It built up over the course of the week, as supporters at the rallies of John McCain and Sarah Palin started randomly screaming “terrorist!” and “off with his … Continue reading

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Happy Posters: SOAS Student Union Common Room / Bar, London WC1H

Infiltration was relatively straightforward, and there’s no need to burden you with details. Upstairs and down; every speck of spare wall space is a noticeboard in the Student Union Common Room / Bar at the School of Oriental and African … Continue reading

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’42 days’ is dead

There’s no coming back from this. 42 days has been chucked out by the Lords for being, in the words of Baroness Mallalieu; “dangerous, wrong and completely and wholly unnecessary in practice” Brown doesn’t have the time or support required … Continue reading

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