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“But she’s got a new hat.”

By now most of you would have seen this video of Sarah Palin crashing and burning on CBS just as David Letterman pointed out that McCain himself doesn’t appear to think that Palin can handle the campaign, never mind the … Continue reading

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Nadine Dorries: the second-boldest liar in the blogosphere

FACT: Nadine Dorries was using facilities paid for by the taxpayer for campaigning purposes… – Nadine Dorries and the minor matter of misappropriation Liberal Conspiracy – The case against Nadine Dorries MP (pt 1) FACT: Nadine Dorries was found … Continue reading

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The return of Sgt Streetwise

I have another thrill-a-minute excerpt from Sgt Streetwise for you. In this episode, Wise is a lush lush on the hush-hush. Tramps never go out of fashion! (Psst! Did you know that Sgt Streetwise was written on a regular basis … Continue reading

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Matti Juhani Saari (and assorted idiots)

An alert popped into my inbox at around 3am this morning, letting me know that Julie Moult finally returned to work late last night (almost a month after this embarrasment), apparently by ‘researching’ the vapour-trail left behind by Finnish gunman … Continue reading

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Nobody could have predicted…

Independent – Bush launches $700bn rescue plan and confesses he didn’t realise how severe problems were Justin sees another parallel here. Applaud* the artist here. (*Save something for Tinkerbell.) (Oh, and for Dog’s sake, stop playing with your pocket change.) … Continue reading

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This. (and another thing….)

Never Trust a Hippy – A declaration – draft 1: I thought it would be asking you – my readers – to help me compose a certificate that could be sent out to every Thatcherite and right-wing libertarian that you … Continue reading

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Oprah Winfrey royally trolled: this is your brain on paedo-fear

Oprah has gone all quiet, mid-campaign. Her official messageboard community and the user-powered blogs at have been closed for ‘maintenance’ for days. Here’s why: Oprah vs. over 9000 PENISES “Let me read you something that was posted on our … Continue reading

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Clarkson Island

Via poons: Harry and Paul: Clarkson Island Too many Jeremy Clarksons and yet not enough Jeremy Clarksons to go round? My solution to that problem is remarkably Clarkson-like. First, you get yourself a 100+ horsepower industrial shredder, a really big … Continue reading

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Iain Dale slams dodgy poll. (No, seriously.)

Iain Dale hahahaha frowns on hahahahaha fellow ‘blogger’ hahahahaha selling out hahahahahaha with unscientific poll! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. *breeeeeathe*… ahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Can’t. Type. Or speak at normal. Rate. [unexpected intermission] Read more here. Oh, and make a futile attempt to have Iain recognise … Continue reading

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Remember: September* 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Official site here. British HQ here. Enjoy. (*Why September? There be an Arrrrr! in the month.)

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