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Oh, good. You’re all (still) here.

A little something special for you, courtesy of Page 3. Happy Hadron Collider Day!

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That’s two piers down

BBC – Grand Pier at Weston-super-Mare BBC – Fleetwood Pier in Lancashire I call Morgan for the trifecta.

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“Stop hitting yourself.”

Hi everyone. Well, after (almost) calling me a bully and publishing the bare minimum (One. Comment.) from a reported 60 submissions, the good people at the Daily Mail have completely failed to respond to my rebuttal and done nothing to … Continue reading

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The Sun demonises Musa Ahmet

I invite you to read this, watch the video and decided for yourself what’s going on. Personally, I think those bastards at The Sun have got a bloody nerve making their readers afraid for no good reason while stirring up … Continue reading

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The Daily Mail responds at last!

For those who came in late: Bloggerheads – Julie Moult is an idiot Bloggerheads – The Daily Mail: let’s kick arse and take names Judith Townend – Campaign against Julie Moult ‘smacks of bullying’, says Mail Online: A widespread internet … Continue reading

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They’ll be saying I pick on girls, next…

*deep sigh* I’m just going through some data and I’ve happened across a little something that I missed in an earlier conversation…. The other day, Jennie Rigg was giving me stick for pursuing Iain over his ongoing lies, instead of … Continue reading

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The bolder the lie, the bigger the laugh

Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan tell us in a candid moment that the U.S. presidential race is over. In their view, because of Palin. Video and transcript here. But in her most recent column, Noonan says pretty much the exact … Continue reading

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The Daily Mail: let’s kick arse and take names

[UPDATE (06 Sep) – Exciting NEW link! –> The Daily Mail (actually, genuinely) responds at last!

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Sarah Palin; pregnancy rumours and reality

Just so you know, according to Kuro5hin, the unpleasant rumours about Palin’s family started life as a troll on SomethingAwful.

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OK, so what are my options?

Iain Dale has ignored my specific request not to be involved in his inherently biased weblog poll, and has just deleted this comment of mine from under this post on his ‘weblog’: I don’t believe you, Dale. I blogged about … Continue reading

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