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Memo to flying monkeys (all sqaudrons)

Closing this thread was not, in my view, an evil conspiratorial act of net censorship. I wish to make that ab-so-lute-ly clear. Cheers all.

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“Crazy Ivan! Crazy Ivan!”

(Hey, I did warn you…) I’ve put out an initial post on the subject of Page 3 today, but apart from that and some action over further image-nickery (later) the Sun-watch project will be chugging along happily without my help … Continue reading

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Google is *such* a tease

Spotted by Haku, a chap whose recently-installed user signature (*** Julie Moult is an idiot ***) contributed to this result: The first sign of change in Google Images [screen capture]. It’s only text so far, but it’s a start … Continue reading

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This just in: hating the lies of hate-filled liars makes you a hater!

1. Thank you, Charlotte, for your concern. 2. Facebook group: “The Daily Mail really are a bunch of fucking twats” (via) No. of members: 8,213 Facebook group: “I Love the Daily Mail” No. of members: 20 Not sure what that … Continue reading

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“Our legal advice is that Paul Staines is not a sex offender.”

I just popped into Google on my way to scan Paul Staines’ Wikipedia entry (it’s often educational* to watch who is changing, vandalising or fixing it, just in case you’re wondering) but made a bit of a typo. This was … Continue reading

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David Singleton’s circle of invention

*sigh* Another ‘journalist’ gives his brain a holiday… On the matter of Tom Watson Vs. David Singleton, I have the following to say: Just for starters, it’s not a case of Tom being upset that he didn’t have “input in … Continue reading

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The Wrong Door: awesome

I wish I’d mentioned this sooner so more of you could’ve experienced the half-hour I just enjoyed: The Wrong Door on BBC3 is like hanging around the, but on telly. I chuckled and gasped and guffawed all the way … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown wearing a nappy on a rocking horse

If you’ve arrived at this page via Google, you are most probably searching for an image that does not exist. If so, then you are wasting time chasing a vicious rumour that has been peddled and published endlessly by a … Continue reading

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When will this right-wing publisher start acting like a grown-up?

Recently, Iain Dale has begun to claim that he refuses to answer questions from me because I blog about him so much, when the truth is that a great deal of the bloggage about Iain on this site results from … Continue reading

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Some crazy times ahead

A new post from Justin. I invite you to admire it. My brand new Prize Shelf. Ditto.

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