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“Our legal advice is that Paul Staines is not a sex offender.”

I just popped into Google on my way to scan Paul Staines’ Wikipedia entry (it’s often educational* to watch who is changing, vandalising or fixing it, just in case you’re wondering) but made a bit of a typo. This was … Continue reading

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David Singleton’s circle of invention

*sigh* Another ‘journalist’ gives his brain a holiday… On the matter of Tom Watson Vs. David Singleton, I have the following to say: Just for starters, it’s not a case of Tom being upset that he didn’t have “input in … Continue reading

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The Wrong Door: awesome

I wish I’d mentioned this sooner so more of you could’ve experienced the half-hour I just enjoyed: The Wrong Door on BBC3 is like hanging around the, but on telly. I chuckled and gasped and guffawed all the way … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown wearing a nappy on a rocking horse

If you’ve arrived at this page via Google, you are most probably searching for an image that does not exist. If so, then you are wasting time chasing a vicious rumour that has been peddled and published endlessly by a … Continue reading

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When will this right-wing publisher start acting like a grown-up?

Recently, Iain Dale has begun to claim that he refuses to answer questions from me because I blog about him so much, when the truth is that a great deal of the bloggage about Iain on this site results from … Continue reading

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Some crazy times ahead

A new post from Justin. I invite you to admire it. My brand new Prize Shelf. Ditto.

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Supporting Harry’s Place

Like Justin, I’m no fan of Harry’s Place, but bloggers should and must stand together whenever anyone tries the stunt of bypassing the author of any blog and instead censoring their content via bullshit legal threats to a service provider… … Continue reading

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Julie Moult is an idiot

[UPDATE (03 Sep) – Exciting new link! –> The Daily Mail: let’s kick arse and take names! The Daily Mail (actually, genuinely) responds at last!

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Ten greetings from beyond the grave

- 1. I stumbled through a few graveyards during my holiday break (a very long story) and happened across this final resting place. If you’re wondering what the solar panel is for, it’s powering the fairy lights. Seriously. – 2. … Continue reading

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See you in 10 days or so, with the rest of the gang, right here. Cheers all.

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