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Tank full of gas = keep driving

Independent – Georgia bows to might of Russia: Georgia’s appeal for a ceasefire seemed to have fallen on deaf ears last night as Russian jets expanded their bombardment, targeting the capital, Tbilisi, for the first time. As the world’s diplomats … Continue reading

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The difference between ‘special’ and ‘retarded’

This is not a special offer. It is retarded. /ithangyew Let’s face it folks; the recession’s here.

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Right-wing bloggers react to the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony

They’re such an unprincipled lot that they’ll happily stay allies regardless of most differences, and they do have their differences. Friday afternoon, for example: (Please keep in mind that I am paraphrasing here…) Phil Hendren: “F**k you Chinese control-freaks.” Iain … Continue reading

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Bye, Chef

This opportunity to strut has been brought to you by the following very sad news. (Sorry, but this song just isn’t the same without a bunch of white guys getting down. Also, children need to be warned about the dangers … Continue reading

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You have to laugh. No, really… that’s an order.

The Russians roll tanks into South Ossetia while everyone is watching the pretty light show in China. Picture of the month is right here.

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A quick collection of Lego-related links

- This is very nice, but I got there first. – Needs more stormtroopers. – Ah, that’s better. More history (and art) here. – Speaking of stormtroopers… – Speaking of the entire original Star Wars trilogy… – Been to a … Continue reading

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And you thought the new Bond theme would sound silly…

Quantum of Solace – Proposed Theme Song (via)

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Iain Dale’s refusal to combat homophobic harassment

Those of you who contribute regularly under comments will be aware of Scotch. Scotch lives in my constituency. We first encountered each other when Scotch was looking for more information on Anne Milton. We became friends, and one of the … Continue reading

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Ian Oakley pleads guilty

BBC – Ex-Tory admits harassment charges: A former Tory candidate has pleaded guilty to a campaign of harassment against his Liberal Democrat rivals. Ian Oakley, who stood down as the Tory candidate in Watford last month, admitted five charges of … Continue reading

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‘Get Your War On’ now a few frames longer

Justin is quite busy at the moment doing marvellous work for Greenpeace, but I’m sure he’ll have time for a brief jump for joy over this: Wired Blogs – ‘Get Your War On’ Gets Its Video On Raw Story – … Continue reading

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