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Out of the mouths of griglets…

Words spoken just this moment by one of our younglings: “There’s no cheating in footsie!” So true.

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Hey, it’s not my fault that this is news

Well, maybe it is a bit.. but only to the extent that in some small way I may have contributed to a festive, carefree air on the evening of 16 April… Independent – Pandora: Blogger ‘Guido Fawkes’ is led off … Continue reading

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Extreme pornography and the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill

JOKE: Q: What is the difference between kinky and perverted? A: Kinky, you use a feather. Perverted, you use the whole damn chicken. – FACT: In the UK, it is legal to have sex with a dead chicken, but not … Continue reading

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Steve Grover: the Burger King of sock-puppets!

[NOTE: a lot of this will seem familiar to most regulars… but I’ll only be mentioning one obvious name that came up recently anyways.] The CIW (Coalition of Immokalee Workers) recently found a spy in their midst. They have also … Continue reading

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You’re doing it wrong

Something in this article about (username) Harriet (password) Harman caught my eye… BBC – Spoof blogger attacks Harman site: Last year, Conservative housing spokesman Grant Shapps was targeted by hackers who broke into his YouTube account to post a message … Continue reading

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St George’s Day! Rah!

I’m kind of new here, but as far as I can work out, today is all about giving the BNP a platform in exchange for temporary use of their official trademark. Well, I do like to play Little Johnny English … Continue reading

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OGC offers fresh logo chuckles

The Register – UK Office of Government Commerce cracks one off: Quite remarkably, our informant suggested that, having spent the cash, OGC intends to roll out the logo anyway. Well, we contacted the OGC for comment, and a spokesman gamely … Continue reading

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UK libel law it is, then

With you shortly.

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Next time you spot a traffic camera…

… remember to wave to the nice Americans. The Inquirer – Secret pact allows the US to spy on UK motorists: A Home Office spokesman defended powers granted by the “special certificate” on the grounds of “counter terrorism” and national … Continue reading

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The genius from Justice Squad

1. A children’s entertainer is issued with a caution, the Sun screams ‘paedo’ and publishes the guy’s real name, a photo and his location. Next thing you know, vandals are attacking his home and he’s running for cover. The Sun … Continue reading

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