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UK libel law it is, then

With you shortly.

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Next time you spot a traffic camera…

… remember to wave to the nice Americans. The Inquirer – Secret pact allows the US to spy on UK motorists: A Home Office spokesman defended powers granted by the “special certificate” on the grounds of “counter terrorism” and national … Continue reading

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The genius from Justice Squad

1. A children’s entertainer is issued with a caution, the Sun screams ‘paedo’ and publishes the guy’s real name, a photo and his location. Next thing you know, vandals are attacking his home and he’s running for cover. The Sun … Continue reading

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WARNING: you won’t like this

Adults only beyond this point, please; some of the things we tolerate aren’t at all pleasant to think about….

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How dare you tell me what to do?!

1. National Service is going ahead, but I can’t sit around forever waiting for the money situation to get better, so, with Clive’s help, I’ve built a little cash machine to help things along. That’ll be with you shortly. 2. … Continue reading

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Meet Nick Kollerstrom

Blairwatch – Nick Kollerstrom’s Crap Circles: We’ve occasionally been targeted by 9/11 and 7/7 conspiraloons over our coverage of terrorism and strategies to deal with it. At one level it’s just a small group of deathly boring obsessives, at another … Continue reading

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Wonder Twin powers, activate!

Gotta be out today. Let me leave you with some excellent posts… Complex System Of Pipes – Pop Goes The Ego The UK Today – The Blogger’s New Stats … and the following thought from the mind of a paranoid … Continue reading

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Lukewarm linkylove

Hello, Jherad… and welcome to my blogroll. :o) (Psst! Don’t feel too special. Ian and mou have also been added under ‘associates’ ‘small band of little acolytes’…)

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Short but sweet

Iain Dale and Paul Staines publish their stat-porn each and every month. Now they claim that they’re not blogging anything about their numbers and what might be wrong with them because it will bore their readers. :o) Just one of … Continue reading

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MessageSpace count real goodly

You may recall that, during a discussion about Paul Staines’ and Iain Dale’s confusion over the difference between a ‘visit and a ‘visitor’ and how this impacted on MessageSpace’s traffic claims, that Mr Kelly Nightingale, Managing Director of MessageSpace appeared … Continue reading

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