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MessageSpace: I think I may have been sold a lemon…

Recently, I somehow managed to get the impression that great swathes of people unconnected to Paul Staines (and his ongoing bullshit) would suffer greatly/unduly if I focused a microscope on Paul Staines (and his ongoing bullshit). It would now seem … Continue reading

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Sections of SOCPA to be scrapped?

Guardian/Observer – Ban on protests at Parliament to be lifted: A controversial ban on protests outside the Houses of Parliament will be scrapped by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith this week in a symbolic victory for freedom of speech campaigners. Really? … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Arthur C. Clarke

BBC – Obituary: Sir Arthur C Clarke I once read a wonderful short story about Arthur C Clarke, and I wanted to share the guts of it with you, even though I can’t for the life of me recall the … Continue reading

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People of Mid Bedfordshire; your MP, Nadine Dorries, is a muppet

Some idiot spammed me on YouTube last night with this P.O.S. chain mail: A few years ago, two parents went out for dinner. A few hours later, the babysitter was calling to ask if she could cover up the clown … Continue reading

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William Hague and Flying Lion Limited

Ministry of Truth – Hague’s Air Miles: The serious point is that due to the lack of clarity in regards to the correct method of putting an in-kind value on these flights, which, if strict rules on market value were … Continue reading

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Look out! Stalker!

“Ken is Obsessed by Boris” say the man who (by his standards) is clearly ‘obsessed’ with Ken Livingstone. (Been living in London long, Iain? Or do you just have a thing for Cuddly Ken?) BTW, I went looking for 18 … Continue reading

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Hey Ma – Its Now 5 Years In Iraq

Just caught a great video from HelpForHeroes on Worth sharing: Hey Ma – Its Now 5 Years In Iraq WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC SCENES When you’re done with that, check out Justin’s exellent blogswarm post. UPDATE – A great post … Continue reading

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The Iraq War (according to Page 3)

The Sun newspaper, in case you’re not aware, is the British Murdoch-owned tabloid that helped Blair’s government push the 45-minute WMD lie (even suggesting at one stage that they could have been deployed in 30 minutes), dedicated more column inches … Continue reading

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Obi enters Africa

LayScience – Dr. Joseph Obi cons the President of Gambia. Seriously. O.M.G. I’m with LayScience… Obi is ceasing to amuse me.

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The master opportunists are finally on deck

Independent – Opposition push for immediate Iraq inquiry faces defeat: MPs will vote next week on whether there should be a full-scale inquiry into the Iraq war to ensure that lessons are learnt from the mistakes made. The Tories will … Continue reading

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