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Lords of the Blog

Clive Soley is back, and he’s brought a few mates with him. Top stuff. See also: Clive Soley – Nine lords a’blogging (Clive is an elder statesman of blogging. He is also a Labour Peer. Just two possible reasons why … Continue reading

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Everybody loves George Osborne

George Osborne: Hypnotoad (Dedicated to all those Tory bloggers who take emails from Osborne’s office and repeat them without question. Hat-tip to Hopi Sen for the inspiration.)

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Blair: the job hunt

1. How many jobs does an ex-PM need? 2. I don’t mind so much myself; whatever keeps him out of trouble. 3. But I like this lots. 4. And LOL-BLAIR rocks!

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Look who’s stalking

1. Watch Iain Dale cry ‘stalker’. 2. Hey, do you remember during the recent MessageSpace affair when ‘Dizzy’ (Phil Hendren) sent these emails suggesting he might call me at home on my ex-directory number? 3. Well, he’s gone one better; … Continue reading

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Total Politics: the Ashcroft connection

New Statesman – Total Politics or Total Ashcroft?: Watch out Rupert Murdoch, take note Lord Rothermere – there’s a new media mogul in town. Lord Ashcroft of Belize, Tory bogeyman, is secretly bankrolling the new monthly freebie Total Politics, to … Continue reading

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Usmanov’s lawyer’s are still busy hoovering

Press Gazette – Mail on Sunday apologises to Russian billionaire over links to “rape and murder” allegations: Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, the major shareholder in Arsenal FC, today accepted a formal apology at London’s High Court after The Mail on … Continue reading

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Iain Dale: a poser

I’ll provide details later, but for now all you need to know is that Iain Dale needed me to trust him yesterday, and seemed quite put out when I pointed out that he had given me very little reason to … Continue reading

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Shh! Don’t disturb the narrative!

A major reason why our government isn’t rushing to rescue former employees in Iraq: it would involve admitting that all is not well in that country. But the mission to protect the world from WMDs bring democracy to Iraq must … Continue reading

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These are dark days and the storm clouds gather around us…

… but never fear! I pledge that I, your leader, will see you safely through to a better world! (Mwahahahahahahahahaha!) And now, A Walk in the Black Forest. No… wait… I’m sure we have another record here somewhere. Ah, yes… … Continue reading

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No Smoking Day

I’d love to take the No Smoking Day challenge, but it’s too late for me… I quit 2 weeks ago and I’m feeling fine and dandy. I’ve tried to quit before, but this time I did it with the help … Continue reading

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