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Stormfront in hotlinking whoopsie

Media Watch Watch is a blog with a free-speech focus that rose like a mighty phoenix from the ashes of the JS:TO firestorm and, blessings upon the cotton socks The Monitor, is still keeping tabs on Stephen Green. Recently, The … Continue reading

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“Answer my questions, or the puppy gets it.”

While we’re waiting for Tom… here’s a US marine throwing a puppy off a cliff (maybe): – Military investigates puppy-throwing video: The US military is investigating a YouTube video that apparently shows a Marine throwing a puppy off a … Continue reading

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Sorry to interrupt the eerie silence, but Iain’s latest CiF article comparing David Cameron to Barack Obama prompted this comment from me and I wanted to share. [Yes, I’m aware of the multiple absurdities of Iain’s article, but I’m trying … Continue reading

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Who’s got Phorm?

The Register – How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection: Internal BT documents obtained by The Register for the first time provide solid technical information on how data from millions of BT, Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse customers will … Continue reading

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‘Joey’ Obi: Creepshow II

Another video starring Grand Master Joseph Chikelue Obi… and this time he’s naked! That this clown and his pseudo-lawyer managed to bully an ISP into submission continues to amaze me.

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Let’s probe some padded expenses!

Paul Staines (aka ‘Guido Fawkes) – Sunday Sleaze Special : Tom Watson: Last year Watson pocketed his £60,000 salary and his parliamentary expenses amounted to £150,000-plus – bringing his total package to £211,000 – making him the 73rd highest claiming … Continue reading

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Neil Clark: how to waste public money by trying to keep your personal mistakes private

Via Richard Bartholomew (

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OMFG! EXCLUSIVE!!: New Idea blows Prince Harry’s cover while Matt Drudge claims the exclusive and compounds the error

By now you’re all aware that Prince Harry has been fighting in Afghanistan (gunning down other human beings in much the same way that most normal people do) and that there was an agreement for it not be reported by … Continue reading

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Joseph Obi and bits and bobs

Yesterday (27 Feb), Joseph Chikelue Obi uploaded these nude(!) photos of himself on Flickr [sfw], presenting them as a slide show via one of his many, many domain names. One can only assume that this is part of the PR … Continue reading

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Thought Crime night at the Manifesto Club

Via Poons and Justin: Paul Staines (aka ‘Guido Fawkes’) will be speaking at the Manifesto Club tonight as ‘a supporter of free speech’. I had a question about an outgoing fella with a colourful past who lived and worked in … Continue reading

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