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Torture: Brown and the boy Miliband each need to grow a pair

David Miliband: “There’s absolutely no question about the UK Government’s commitments in respect of torture, which is illegal, and our definition of what torture is.” Liar. Liar. Pants on fire. Even if we take his statement as the position of … Continue reading

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Some comments are more equal than others

Garry Smith encounters some difficulty when submitting a comment to the Sun website. The Mail website is just as bad, if not worse. One can only wonder how these jokers got the idea that comment manipulation and censorship was in … Continue reading

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SOCPA documents released

Julian Todd, bless him, put in a FOI request “for all the protest/arrest information which the Public Order Unit of the Home Office couldn’t be bothered to include in their Managing Protest Around Parliament consultation document.” The relevant post is … Continue reading

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Half-Time Special: Act II (Anne Milton and David Cameron performing a jig and shuffle for your amusement)

First of all, let’s have a look at the sentiments expressed by our main performers on the subject of MP’s expenses: “I believe the public are right to demand more transparency and openness when it comes to MPs staff, pay, … Continue reading

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Look, it really is very simple….

A gem via Mr. Show: The Pre-Taped Call-In Show

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Half-Time Special: Act I (a belly dancer speaks about human rights)

Most of you know Craig Murray by now, but you might not know too much about his lovely missus, Nadira. It would be a pity if this state of affairs were allowed to continue, so without further delay allow me … Continue reading

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The half-time match report (with Nick and Elroy)

Well, there it is, Elroy. The half-time whistle has just blown, and the players are clearing the field for what promises to be a spectacular half-time show. The official line-up is largely under wraps, but I’ve heard that we can … Continue reading

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It’s a bit early to start rewriting history, isn’t it?

Read and share: Duncan Borrowman: Derek Conway is already rewriting history – has the man no shame? UPDATE – Oh, and I’ve offered a few possible solutions for MPs here.

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These right-wing pseudo-bloggers don’t know what they’re on about

B3ta asks the question: “Have you been stalked? Or have you done the stalking?” The best answer is right here. Meanwhile (just in case you missed the update) Greer has graciously decided to completely fail to answer my question. Again.

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FFS, Iain… grow up!

Iain Dale is *still* refusing to confirm or deny that he himself posted this comment on Gavin Whenman’s weblog. He won’t answer my emails (he’ll probably bitch about the number of emails I sent him, ignoring the fact that there … Continue reading

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