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FFS, Iain… grow up!

Iain Dale is *still* refusing to confirm or deny that he himself posted this comment on Gavin Whenman’s weblog. He won’t answer my emails (he’ll probably bitch about the number of emails I sent him, ignoring the fact that there … Continue reading

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Nipples and nepotism

Scaryduck (who would also like to bring this to your attention), spotted the following in the latest edition of the Popbitch newsletter: >> News in Briefs

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Become one in a million

Sign the petition against the nomination of Tony Blair as “President of the European Union” I just did. I’m #7012, me.

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Greer update

I recently put this to Shane Greer: You did not merely express an opinion, you billed me as a ‘psycho reader’, dismissed every concern I might have about conduct in the blogosphere as an invention of a hate-filled mind, declared … Continue reading

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Anne Milton: possibly only a quarter as naughty as Derek Conway

Here’s the top story from the latest edition of our local newspaper: For those of you in the cheap seats, that headline reads; MP paid her husband for £13,000 of Westminster work (And you may recall that another Tory MP, … Continue reading

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A dirty great fly in Paul Staines’ ointment of choice

If you’re new here, you may want to read this first. If you’ve been following developments (that I’ve been blogging because I’m a born attention-seeker that’s what bloggers do), then check this out: Matt Buck – Digital content in the … Continue reading

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Sorry for the delay

Sorry folks, but matters have been greatly complicated by some coward letting this comment-bomb drop shortly after the announcement of a cease-fire: Iain Dale // Feb 6, 2008 at 7:02 pm The bullying point is an interesting one. Whether Tim … Continue reading

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[SFX: fanfare]

Good news, comrades! I have just received a communication containing information that may well bring the ‘war’ within measurable distance of its end. More tomorrow, with luck. UPDATE (9pm) – If this comment is really from Iain Dale, then he … Continue reading

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Bloody foreigners

They come over here, marry our women, take our jobs and exploit our libel laws. [Note – New category; ‘UK Libel Law’. There’s more to come on this issue, as was promised here.]

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SOCPA: yesterday’s debate in the House of Lords

House of Lords debates – Tuesday, 5 February 2008 – Parliament Square: Demonstrations Lord West of Spithead clearly has an open mind about Haw’s display [rolls eyes] and regards himself to be a peacemaker because he once stopped his driver … Continue reading

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